Premium names release – draft

The Premium domain program (Development program) is designed to match the best .ME domains, (which have been reserved by the .ME Registry and are not available to the public) with the best projects, services and websites. We invite all businesses, large or small, existing or start-up, to submit an application to use one of these great, rare names. Once an application is submitted, the team reviews it and the applicant is contacted.
These memorable .ME domain names are perfect for any company that wishes to brand themselves as unique and personal, or launch a new product using an exclusive name.
In conjunction with the Premium Domain Program which is ongoing, for a limited time, .ME is highlighting five premium domains for Premium Names Release:






These five premium .ME domain names are in high demand. The selection of these domains is based on the number of applications we received through the Development Program.

Why Premium Domains?

A domain is often the name of the business, service or product. The better a domain name is (i.e.; short and memorable), the greater the odds that it will be recognized and memorized. With the vast number of online businesses and services, the difference between success and failure can be whether or not customers remember and become emotionally attached to the name. A great name also ideally explains the business and marketing message, making your domain work for you on every level.
Premium domains offer businesses, companies, startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to purchase a domain name that has never been associated with anyone or anything else. They are typically one to five characters in length, common terms or key words and have a built in call to action. Companies buy these names because they understand the power of strong branding and the inherent marketing value in a short, personal and memorable domain.

How Applicants are selected

Our decisions are made based on a solid business plan, the quality of service to be provided and references of the applicants.
Previous Applicants include: WordPress, Google, Facebook, Visa corp, Time Magazine, Delicious and New York Times.

Application Form and Guidelines

The Premium Names Release application form can be downloaded here. In order to participate in the Program, applicants are required to send a properly completed application form to vuksan [at] If necessary, applicants can send additional information in a PDF document they will entitle “Application Supplement”.
The submission of applications opens on May 10th, 2013 and ends on June 15th, 2013. Applications received after 5.00 PM CET, June 15th, 2013 will be rejected.

Premium Names Release Criteria

(1) This Program serves to compile the offers for the development of the premium name for which it has been announced.
(2) Basic terms are the following:
(a) The applicant agrees to use the Domain Name as the primary URL and cannot forward it to any other domain name.
(b) The website, product, or service cannot contain or promote sexually oriented material or advertising.
(c) The applicant (i) cannot intend to use the name for personal use, (ii) cannot apply as a physical person, and (iii) cannot be a sole proprietorship.
(d) The product/service has to be available worldwide for the purposes of reaching a global customer base and/or audience.
(e) The applicant cannot offer to sell, lease, or license the Premium Name to any third parties during the term of the contract.
(f) The applicant has to agree to the evaluation methods as set forth in the evaluation procedure.
(g) The applicant has to agree to the terms and requirements of the PNR Agreement.

Detailed application guidelines can be found below:

In the section 2.2 (“References”) applicants are expected to submit a brief overview of their core business, explain what characteristics most distinguish their organization from competitors, provide information indicative of the overall viability and fiscal stability of their organization and detailed information about the organization’s existing products/services/projects including a number of users, relevant links, evidence of traffic in the last six months, number of downloads, the end user demographics and mentions in relevant online and offline media as well as the short biographies of the company executives and the description of their entrepreneurial endeavors. Supporting documentation like photo and video material may be provided in the Application Supplement. When describing the team that will manage and execute the operations at the website resolving at a premium domain name of interest, please include: the organizational structure of the team; roles and responsibilities of each team member; the name(s) and the description(s) of every organization that will participate in the delivery of the services; the resumes of key team members in the supplement.

Product Summary
In the section 2.3 (“Product Summary”) applicants are expected to submit a detailed description of the product/service/project to be launched on the domain name of interest including a description of the interface and product features, explain the ways in which the Internet community and the .ME Registry will benefit from their product/service, and provide a business plan containing market analysis, description of the revenue model, projected number of users/traffic/downloads in the first three years following the launch, list of investors/advisers backing up the product and the description of target audience and target markets.

Development and Marketing Commitment
In the section 2.4 (“Development and Marketing Commitment”) applicants are expected to provide the implementation timeline (i.e. roll-out schedule), detailed marketing plan including description of marketing activities for each phase of the roll-out schedule, the list of online and offline media to be used in marketing campaigns and the list of influencers and bloggers supporting the project.

Suggested joint marketing activities
In the section 2.5 (“Suggested Joint Marketing Activities”), applicants are expected to come up with the ideas for the joint promotion of the .ME extension with .ME Registry. In addition to joint promotion of the applicant’s service (joint press release, social media activities and email marketing), the suggestions may include allocation of advertising space at the applicant’s websites to .ME Registry (ex. banner, blog post, list of partners and contributors etc.) and inclusion of .ME domain names in the applicant’s overall domain offer (if any).

Available Financial Support
In the section 2.6 (“Available Financial Support”), applicants are expected to present the budget for the development and marketing of the .ME domain name of interest as well as the mandatory upfront fee they are willing to pay for the domain name. The upfront fee is a one-time payment after which the domain is renewed/extended at the regular .ME renewal/extension provided by the applicant’s registrar of choice.

Registrar of choice
The registrar of choice is any company that offers .ME domain registration services. For the full list of .ME accredited registrars please visit

Terms and Conditions

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