Registering a Domain at How Hard Can It Be? has a catchy tagline – It all starts with a great domain. Theirs is probably one of the most powerful ones, at least in the domain name business and they’ll make sure that you too can get a great domain for your blog or web site!

Aside from domains, will take care of hosting for your sites, securing them with industrial grade SSL encryption and even provide you with an Instant Website builder application so you can create your blog within a few minutes.

What can I Get at will give you the option of bulk domain orders and depending on the number of domains you’re registering, you’ll get slightly lower prices per domain.

If you wish to register some ccTLD-s (country-code top-level domains), will provide you with a large number of them to choose from. You can get .me domain for only $9.95 per year, which is a perfect choice for your personal website.

Your websites need to be hosted somewhere, right? Well, can offer you several hosting plans, depending on your needs. And if your website gets popular, you can upgrade your hosting plan to one of their VPS (Virtual Private Servers) plans.

Buying a Domain Name at

Lets have a look at how the domain buying process works on When you open up their website, you will notice a large black domain search area. Enter your domain name, choose the preferred TLD and hit Search. You will be taken to the search results page, where you’ll have the option to choose from a few more TLD-s to register, which is not actually a bad idea. You’ll also see a tab with different variations of your domain.

Need additional domains?

The Extended results tab will show you the availability of your domain combined with every TLD that can provide. Once you choose the ones, simply add the domain(s) to the cart and proceed to the next step.

Extended search results, giving you all the domains you can imagine

You will be offered some additional features like private domain registration or a basic hosting package with Site Builder. Right before checkout, you will have the option to enter a promo coupon. You will also be asked for your username and password, which you can get by registering. By logging in, you will be able to pay via PayPal or using your Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or JCB credit card.

Need Support? Get it Anytime with’s Support Team!

Some of you will agree with me that the quality of the service can be measured with its support. By that ruling, ranks pretty high. They’ve prepared an extensive FAQ base and they will let you know of any maintenance work.

If something goes wrong, you can always contact them via e-mail or simply by phone. You can also follow them on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or read their blog!


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