You may download .ME Online Service & Fee Schedule HERE. For more information about available discounts and .ME promo programs please contact us directly at

In an effort to refresh our online presence and make it easier for registrars to conduct .ME promotions we have made a new marketing kit. It contains accredited registrar stamps, fonts, banners, a set of .ME characters and our logos along with the instructions on how to use them. To download the kit please clickstuff

Credit and Payment policies contains all the necessary info for topping up the registrar prepaid account with .ME Registry including rules, procedures and wire transfer instructions. You may download the document HERE. The list of corresponding banks may be downloaded HERE. We have recently opened a new bank account and the wire transfer instructions alongstuff

You may download the Registrar Manual HERE. It is a document that contains all the necessary details about .ME Registry Access, Support Procedures, EPP, .ME grace periods etc.stuff

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