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Teach And Be Taught Online With Smarter.Me

By Ivan Simic, June 27, 2017

The wonders of the Internet never cease to amaze us, and one of the best things about the internet is that you can go and learn new things with a few clicks. You can easily learn to code, develop pages and speak new languages just by following courses online, and you can even get certificates that you can then use in your CV. Pretty nice!

There are numerous sites that aim to connect you to all sorts of courses online, but the one we’ll mention today is Smarter.ME, because it’s one of the rare course sites that will allow you to meet your instructors face to face, and speak with them about your goals and ideas, as well as get to know more about the topic at hand.

When it comes to learning, there’s a whole world of opportunity that lives online, and you’re really missing out if you haven’t tried some of the courses and lectures. There are a lot of reasons why online learning is good for you, but we’ll just narrow it down to a few biggest upsides of finding more about stuff online.

studying online Smarter.Me

It’s Entirely Up To You

You see, no matter what college or school you go to, there’s always going to be something you really like and enjoy, and something you don’t like all that much. It’s a circle of life in traditional education, and there’s really not much you can do about it but to soldier on through the things that aren’t all that interesting to you.

But the good thing about the online courses that are so prevalent today, is that you don’t ever need to sit through a lecture that doesn’t interest you in the slightest. You’re the one choosing, and you won’t need to listen to something you don’t want to. This has a positive effect on your well-being, too, as you only really need to pay attention to the things that concern you.

Another great example of this are the so-called self-paced courses. These courses take a topic you want and leave it to you to set the pace of learning. This allows you to still have time for your friends, family, and work while also learning something that might be useful in the long run – all in your own time.

The importance of good time management is a must, though. Because there’s so much choice when it comes to the lectures you can take, it’s imperative that you organize your days so that you can still learn while doing all of the other stuff you need. Consider this: if you’re a student that’s pretty much the only thing you do, aside from a student job or internship. But if you’re employed, you’re going to manage your time well so that you can focus on both your job and your courses. This is why these self-paced courses are amazing, you can take your time and ease in to them with no pressure!

studying online Smarter.Me

Cheap, Cheaper, Free!

Of course, one more great advantage of online learning is the price. For example, you can take a course set up on the University of Michigan about Python while paying no money at all. This is pretty amazing, considering the prices of scholarships in the most famous schools and colleges around the world. Online learning allows you to get courses and bits of knowledge that are tailored exactly to the thing you need, while also being from reputable sources.

Sure, some sites do charge for the courses, but the money you might spend there is really nothing when compared to the price you’d have to pay if you were to enroll in a year’s worth of learning in a college. Not to mention that you need to be physically there if you want to study, something that’s kind of hard if you live very far away.

studying online Smarter.Me

Teach And Learn

Smarter.ME puts a twist on the familiar online learning formula by letting you get to know the instructors face to face and book the lessons you want with them. This makes you familiar with the person that’s going to teach you and allows you to view them as more than just a face on a computer screen. This, in turn, makes the learning experience better by making it more personal.

Smarter.ME also allows you to teach others if you so desire, as the service works both ways. The only things you need to do are:

  • Visit the website
  • Fill out the form for teachers and let the Smarter.ME team get back to you
  • After agreeing on the terms, start teaching!

This is great if you want to earn some extra income and make the best out of the things you know, of course. And nobody will forbid you to both teach and take courses on the site, too, so that’s a perpetual learning loop you can get inside if you’re thirsty for knowledge all the time.

Lastly, we really recommend you to give online courses a try. They might still be something you might see in the future, but once you finish one and put it on your CV, you’ll surely look at them differently. Make sure you pick the ones you’re really interested in and start your journey to being a better person today!

Smarter.ME is a great first step.


Ivan Simic

A passionate gamer, experienced journalist, and a comedian in his free time. A lover of video games, humor and technology, always on the lookout for new trends and ideas.

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