Manage Your Social Media Accounts More Productively In 2016 With Reach.Me

Manage Your Social Media Accounts More Productively In 2016 With Reach.Me

Social media management was an easy thing back in the time of MySpace. You didn’t have much to manage then, actually. Today, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and all other social media, managing only one account demands a lot of planning and attention. Yes, you can snap a photo and post it on Instagram immediately and share your thoughts on Twitter as they come to your mind, but we all know that is not enough to get the attention your brand deserves.

Unless you already have a couple of million followers. But, even then, perhaps especially then, you know the importance of scheduling social media posts. The “I need to post a photo on Instagram at 3 pm, and a post on Facebook on 5 pm, and also I need to tweet this a few times today…” work. Not only scheduling, but engaging with the audience and analyzing success. And the struggle between using more than one application or tool that helps you manage all social media accounts that need to be managed. 

Considering that today is the Community Manager Appreciation Day, let’s see how using a service like Reach.Me will help you grow your followers, engage them and track success more productively – all in one place!


Post, Schedule Or Send To Hopper

With Reach.Me, you can post messages to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ from one unified dashboard. You can post them immediately, schedule posting them or send them to Hopper. Hopper is the newest tool developed by the team at Reach.Me which allows you to queue posts for publishing through the day. When you add posts to Hopper, you choose days when the posts are going to be published and how many posts do you want Hopper to publish a day. Then those posts will be published in equal intervals throughout the day: first at the start time, last at the end time, and others in between. You can make your rules in Hopper, and pause everything whenever you want to. It’s an awesome tool to help you publish posts when you don’t have much time for scheduling them, or you just have them to many to schedule them one by one.

Use A Bookmarklet For Faster Sharing

You can also share links from the websites you’re visiting and add them to Hopper with Reach.Me bookmarklets. They are these little bookmark-like thingies you add to your bookmark tab. When you click on them, they open a pop-up window from which you can post or add things to Hopper. If that isn’t productive, I don’t know what is! Also, it’s fun- whenever I send something to Hopper, I yell: “Get to the Hopper!” in Schwarzenegger’s voice. Try it, totes fun!

Engage Audience And Post Assignments To Team Members

In Reach.Me platform, the Engage section represents one of its four main components.  

Its Waterfall feature gives you the flexibility to manage conversations, track and respond to mentions, replies, and comments across your social media accounts. You can add as many views as you want for each area kind of social content you monitor. Also, you can assign a post to your team member and add the instructions, all from within the platform! 

Build Campaigns And Measure Conversions

In order to have a successful strategy, posts need to be organized into campaigns which can be measured at the end and compared, to see what type of content engaged the audience best. Reach.Me gives you an easy way to create campaigns, add them value and goals, connect them and control them in one place. Reach.Me follows the users from impression to conversion and gives you reports based on your goals! And if you forget to add a campaign to your post, don’t worry – you can edit the published post and add the campaign!

Get started with Reach.Me now see how you can manage social media more productively!


Morana Vrdoljak

Morana is an Internet marketing specialist and online education enthusiast, currently freelancing and writing. Her biggest interests are digital, from mobile apps to virtual reality.

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