Spark.Me Interview: Bogdan Iordache: ‘Comfort zones are path to failure!’

Spark.Me Interview: Bogdan Iordache: ‘Comfort zones are path to failure!’

Today is the first day of Spark.Me conference! Before we are able to inform you on some of the most interesting speeches and happenings, we have one more interview to spark your imagination!

Bogdan Iordache is co-founder and organizer of the How to Web Conference (best tech entrepreneurship conference in South-Eastern Europe) & Startup Spotlight program. Co-founder of TechAngels (business angel network), co-founder of TechHub Bucharest, co-founder of TechLounge, founder of Conectoo, co-founder of Stagii pe Bune.

1. What was your first experience with startups?

I started my first startup when I graduated college. I was very interested in e-learning, so I started an e-learning company called Interactive People. We built our own e-learning platform and we provided services for building education materials for corporate clients. However, the market was way too early and we failed after one year and something. It was a tough experience, but I learned a lot from it.

2. What was the key thing that led to you starting the Startup Spotlight program in Romania?

How to Web is very different to many other startup-related conferences. While we are a business and one of the key metrics are the money we make, we also think intensively about the impact we create in the regional ecosystem.

In 2012 we did a through analysis of the opportunities the regional startups needed, and we concluded that what we can help with is putting those startups in touch with early stage investors and partners. This is why we transformed our traditional startup competition into Startup Spotlight, a 4 days program were teams can pitch their business, meet a lot of potential investors and partners suited for them, and also win 20k USD in cash awards.

3. Why was TechHub opened in Bucharest? Are you happy with how it been been doing?

Tech Hub Bucharest is going great, and I’m really proud to be one of its co-founders. We’ve launched it in early May 2012, and now, 4 months later, we’re 100% booked and we’re organizing tens of events each month.

However, it’s still early to measure the impact it has on the local community, and we’ve also started to put on paper some interesting ideas on how to develop that.

4. What has being Program Manager for Springboard taught you? Something new and unique, something you think is going to be and keep being useful in your life?

My Springboard experience showed me, once more, that we are context-dependent beings. If you change the context in which you are learning and working you can push yourself to the next level. Staying in your comfort zone is the clearest path to failure.

5. What will you talk about on Spark.Me and how did you imagine your perfect audience?

I’m really excited to get to, and Natasa has told me a lot of amazing things about the local community. I will speak about the opportunities the local entrepreneurs have and mix them with a few lessons learned from my professional experiences. Hope that will work.

6. What are you looking forward to the most on Spark.Me conference?

The most exciting thing at any conference is the people you meet. I’ve never been to Montenegro, so I’m eager to meet the local entrepreneurs and stakeholders of the tech community. I’m sure it will be a blast!


Bogdan is due to hold his speech at Spark.Me conference at 12:30, so if you are attending, be sure to catch it. If you were not able to make it, you can find him on Twitter and follow him to get updates.

Featured image by: Alin Dobrin 


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