The Best Cooking Sites For Parents And Kids: Cook (Healthy) Together

The Best Cooking Sites For Parents And Kids: Cook (Healthy) Together

How often did you make an excellent lunch which included green vegetables and your child made “that” face and screamed: ” I don’t like spinach, Mommy”? We know, many, many times. Spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans and many other sorts of vegetables aren’t very popular among the children.

For every parent, home-cooked meals and plenty of healthy vegetables in their child’s diet are one of the most important things. But there may be negotiating and crying at the table, for some parents is a real nightmare. Well, we did some research and found out that kids who help their parents during cooking, actually like trying different foods and are less demanding about their meals. 

So, why not include them? Cooking together with kids can help them realize the importance of healthy food and they are eager to help in the process. We decided to offer you the best cooking sites where you will find many delicious recipes try to together with your kids!

Food Literacy Center

Eating your veggies has never been easier and more fun than with a little help from the Food Literacy Center. Just imagine your kid asking you to make broccoli taco together for dinner…five nights in a row. Yes, that’s how good it tastes. And to top it all – it’s healthy.

The blog was created by a non-profit organization and is currently offering tools that will help kids and parents learn to cook together. These include recipes, worksheets, and lesson plans. Their mission is to inspire kids, especially those in low-income elementary schools, to eat healthy food.

Food Literacy Center teaches children how to cook, about nutrition, gardening, and active play to improve health, environment, and economy.

This blog is well organized, so you can easily find all the activities the organization is currently involved in. We just know you’ll be in awe of the recipes, video material and curriculum the Food Literacy Academy has to offer.


teuko food blog healthy food for kids

Sick of trying to find new recipes the whole family will enjoy? Tell me about it! Well, here’s one of my solutions. Teuko takes the guesswork out of finding the best accessories, recipes and ideas for getting everyone to eat healthy! The free community shares amazing lunch ideas, easy how-to’s and ways to make mealtime fun on the Teuko blog.

The platform is created by Jessica and Alexandra, two French moms who live in San Francisco and who prepare lunch boxes every day for their young kids. They met several times while volunteering at their kids’ school, but the idea to create Teuko occurred to them by pure coincidence. They found out that they were both trying, separately, to pack healthy lunches their children would enjoy. And when it comes to moms, you know that they will try to go a little further than food.

So while you are trying to find some interesting receipt for a snack, you can read their advice about Summer Camps at Home. It’s COVID-19 time and these moms just found a perfect way to survive it with kids around the house. 

Kids Cook Real Food

kids cook real food

Kids Cook Real Food is a great way to get your kids up to speed in the kitchen. Designed to build skills and not just follow recipes, Kids Cook Real Food is the perfect online cooking class for kids. This site teaches parents how to raise independent children and help them resist the helicopter parenting culture. On the way to achieving this goal, your kids will learn some important life skills, such as taking care of their health by preparing home-cooked meals.

This is a blog full of valuable lessons for new (and veterans) parents. You will find a receipt which your toddler can prepare while reading about a new effective approach to surviving yet another of their tantrums. The whole family can enjoy making potato pancakes for breakfast and implement advice on how to discipline the little ones without punishment. Undeniable the best blog for parents with the guide for everything they need to survive on the parenthood road. With the perfect branch along the way.

Kids Kitchen

kids kitchen best cooking sites for kids

Back in 2011 two friends, Eva Freeman and Rebecca Tully, started Kids Kitchen as an antidote to the majority of kids cooking activities available at the time – which seemed to be cake, biscuit or something sweet based. Their plan was to do a one-off set of three sessions cooking a plant-based lunch from scratch with their own children and their friends, in a local cafe. What followed was a true success, we’d say.

So, Kids Kitchen is fun, sustainable, inclusive, collaborative and open. And the best thing – as the pandemic is making our lives a bit tougher these days, why not try Kids Kitchen online sessions? It’s guaranteed fun for you and your little ones!

One More Thing

Let us introduce to you the Chef Kobe! He loves to explore in the kitchen and document his journey. And while he investigates the new ingredients, feel new textures, and learn practical skills like pouring, scooping, and measuring, you and your kids can do the same!

Whether you decide to check out his YouTube channel or Instagram platform, this adorable chef will make you laugh and inspire you to experiment with your kids in the kitchen, all while preparing delicious meals!

Summer is always a great time for bonding and spending time with your family. Cooking is one of the best ways to spend time with your children and teach them all about food and the importance of eating healthy. We hope these sites will help you and lead you towards new adventures with your kids!

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