Thinking about personalized domains? Think About .ME

Adi News recently posted s great article (see below) about domain personalization and success of .ME startups, predominately About.ME. It also features internet marketing experts talking about branding with .ME domains. Definitely worth checking out!

Personalized Domains

Personalized domains and domains ending in .ME are becoming very popular. Self promotion is the highest form of flattery and adding a DOT ME to your name is an excellent way to promote who you are and what you are all about. Imagine [insert your name here] dot me. This makes it very easy to remember, looks great on a business card or resume and the prices right now on dot me domains is less than the generic dot com domains.

It doesn’t have to be your name though, it could be the name of your company or it could be a clever use of words like or

A really great use of this idea is the online meeting space that provides. If you are on a plane, train or drinking a coffee at Starbucks, you could try to remember some of the other meeting applications or you could simply think Dot me domains offer ways to be clever, cute, smart and always be in the mind of your target consumer.

Nikolas Gough, Internet Marketing Expert

Internet marketing expert Nikolas Gough says, “.ME domains are perfect for branding your product.” If you own a vacuum cleaner company like, you could further promote your main website by giving customers an easier way to remember your site. is an excellent use of the dot ME domain to promote a product. There happens to be a lot of different products and companies that use some variation of vacmaster and could potentially lose some business by customers going to the wrong site. By adding a “” to the equation, the Vacmaster brand of vacuum cleaners is now more personal to the customer.


While not everyone will see the same success as Tony Conrad’s startup and get a 10 million dollar payday, the dot me domain can bring more customers and increase revenue in by doing so.

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