Top 5 Children Bloggers: Meet The Kids Who Make The Difference

Top 5 Children Bloggers: Meet The Kids Who Make The Difference

Here are Top 5 children bloggers who have decided to make a difference in the world of blogging. Read their inspirational stories and if you ever had a doubt about should you let your child write a blog or not, maybe this will encourage you to start thinking differently. Maybe it will even inspire you to finally start writing and share your fantastic ideas and imagination!

1. Childtasticbooks: Great Books For Great Readers

childtasticbooks children bloggers

Holly Fratter and her mom Sam created a fantastic blog where they give reviews about children books. Instantly I liked this blog where mother and daughter are both writing their different perspectives about books. Reading is their big and mutual love and they decided to share it with all of us. It is always great to see how little ones enjoy reading and developing a critical opinion on what they have read!

Several years have passed since Holly and her mom Sam began blogging about books. Today, Holly is a teenager now and she’s occupied with all the things that adolescents do. Blogging about children’s literature, however, did not make the cut. So, these days the blog is written by Holly’s mom. Which doesn’t make it less adorable to read and follow. 

2. Alex Know It All

alex know it all children bloggers

If you are a globetrotter, you will just enjoy reading the following blog. Alex Know It All belongs to Alex Stringer who is now thirteen years old. She started this blog when she was only 7 and she wanted to explain a bit about her life as a seven-year-old. Her family travelled a lot so she wanted people to see the world through her eyes from their old Skoda. Beware of some real travelling adventures. 

You will enjoy reading about the experience of meeting an Amazonian tribe. Eventually, the whole family had to dance and sing their traditional songs with them. You can learn how to act when you come across Tamarin monkeys while walking up to Christo Redentor in Rio. After reading this blog with my kid, I just wish I could learn surfing at Hirakata beach in Sri Lanka or Paragliding in Chile. And if you are into food, having rodizios in Brazil and Argentina is something you should put on your bucket list.

3. Marabird

marabird blog kids blogging

Marabird blog was created in 2013 by then 8-year-old Mara from the USA. Besides being very interested in food, American history, and travelling, Mara serves up a great slice of American culture as seen through the eyes of an adolescent.

Most of the blog posts are short and are written in journaling style. It is great to read it with your kid, as her stories prompt you to read more and more. This impressive young lady took upon herself to raise awareness among her readers in lieu of COVID-19 pandemic. She urged her readership to wear protective masks and pointed out how important it is to take care of ourselves and others under circumstances such as these.

Oh, if you are a bookworm, you will enjoy her book reviews!  One last tip – start with the review of her favorite book, The Birchbark House.

4. Naturalist Dara

kids blogging about nature

Naturalist Dara is written by now sixteen-year-old Dara, who’s passionate about conservation and wildlife. Dara started his blog after his family moved to Fermanagh, UK, as a way to let people hear his thoughts. But mostly, as he says, he wanted to have a journal of sorts, where all his collection of days and moments could be in one place.

Dara was diagnosed with Asperger’s at an early age, and found the busy life of Belfast too noisy and overwhelming. His blog is more than a collection of days and moments. This beautiful passage on nature allows us to see the world through Dara’s eyes. But, more importantly, Dara’s blog is a place where he could express himself and feel a freedom to ‘speak’ – a freedom which life couldn’t quite give him, in real-time.

Dara’s blog won many recognitions and awards, among which are The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild 2017 youth category for the best blog, and A Focus on Nature’s best blog of 2016.

5. Sports Illustrated Kids

sports illustrated kids

We all like watching sports, playing it, and we want to know everything about it. But there is a problem. The most popular sports news web portals, such as ESPN, are not age-appropriate for kids under 13. And even if they can follow the news, they usually don’t understand most of the terms, sarcastic comments, and non-sports behaviour if not explained.

What kids need is a special sports online space where kids can write news and comments about big sports events. And that’s where  Sports Illustrated Kids comes in. Written mainly by kids, the website gives educational, inspirational, fun and engaging sports news which allow kids to follow sports the way they want to read about them.

BONUS: Children Bloggers Develop Important Skills

As you could have seen, some of the parents are (or were) actively included in writing blog with their children. That way parents and their children bloggers have quality time together on the project that both benefit from. Children bloggers develop an array of skills which are vital for the world we live in. These include writing, reporting, observing, denoting, persistence and perseverance and having an analytical view on the world around oneself.

Introducing your kid to these children bloggers is a wonderful way for you to bond over activity together. Blogging will teach the little ones to express how they feel and how they see the world around them. This is definitely one of the best ways for your child to spend free time and for you to be included in it too!

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