TOP 5 E-Books For Kids: Open The Amazing World Of Books For Your Children

TOP 5 E-Books For Kids: Open The Amazing World Of Books For Your Children

Kids love summer holidays! It’s the most expected time of the year, not only for us adults but also for them. Even though the summer is the most relaxed season of the year, it doesn’t mean children should stop reading and exploring the wonderful world of books. Therefore, we have decided to create this list of exceptional e-books for children from age 3-6.

We chose the most beautiful stories and classics that will fulfill every child’s life. E-books are the perfect choice for carefree summer days or when you are traveling somewhere. Instead of caring stacks of books, ebooks are much more practical and available anytime you need them. With the ability to purchase or download new content on your devices, ebooks are a great tool for unprepared parents that need to entertain their children.

1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

peter rabbit

This has been an absolute classic among children for many decades now! A wonderful tale about naughty Peter Rabbit is not only a story. It is teaching children how important is to listen their parents and avoid trouble. If your child is not fond of listening and following directions, maybe this tale will help you explain how many bad things can happen if they choose the wrong way of behaving. Mrs. Potter has created an amazing story, with beautiful drawings that captures the mind of every child and parent too.

2. Corduroy by Don Freeman


This story is my own personal winner among all the stories for children! Warm and charming tale about the bear Corduroy who dreams about true friend and loving home. It will melt anyone’s heart and give you that special feeling inside. Though the story about Corduroy has been present for many years, it didn’t get any less special. Definitely worth of having as one of the ebooks for your children!

3. Clifford The Big Red Dog by Norman Bridewell


All kids love Clifford and his best friend Emily Elisabeth! Two best friends often get in unexpected adventures where Clifford always shows his need and ability to help others. Kids will truly enjoy in many stories about Clifford and his friends, and possibly dream how great it would be having a Big Red Dog as Clifford. Stories about loyalty, devotion and helping others, will give your kids a wise direction and help them understand the importance of true friendship. There are many stories available about Clifford’s adventures, so your kids will be entertained with it all summer!

4. Curious George by Hans Augusto and Margret Ray

curious george

This little charming monkey has a huge tendency getting into trouble because of his curiosity. But, it is impossible to be angry with him for a long time. Many stories about Curious George will help kids with understanding how important is listening to their parents and avoiding trouble caused by sometimes unbearable curiosity. Exploring the world is one of the most interesting parts of growing up and that’s what makes adventures about Curious George so special.

5. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

an old lady

For the end of our Top 5 ebooks for kids, something a bit different. Funny, witty and playful rhyme story about An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly. The rhyme is not only entertaining, but it is also important in developing your child’s mental activities. Kids love rhyming and discovering all the things that could rhyme. This content will encourage them to play with words and abrupt reactions in associations. It will help children to develop creativity, language and imagination. Rhyme enriches the vocabulary and encourages kids to explore the new words. Definitely fun and educational in the same time! This Old Lady will not let you or your children down!

We hope our list will help you entertaining your children during this hot summer days. Each of this stories are special in its own way, with different lessons that every child should learn and know. Reading this books to your kids will make your time together priceless more valuable!


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