Twitter And Me: The Relationship That Wasn’t Meant To Be

How Did I Start Anyway?

My first huge and only love for a long time was ICQ. When I think better, I stopped using it just maybe three or four years ago. Though already almost all of my friends had Facebook, somehow I was resisting it. But, my curiosity is really big and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Since I’ve singed up first time on Facebook in 2008, I never logged on ICQ again. Already at that point, no one was using it anymore. Facebook fever was spreading so fast and strong it was just impossible to avoid it.

I still admire people who don’t have Facebook account and who are resisting it however they can. I remember I had Facebook just for a few months when one of my best friends said she is leaving Facebook and transfering to Twitter. Explanation on why she is leaving was because of too much information sharing on Facebook. But the thing was, she never clicked with Facebook. Again, my curiousity was tempted. I had to see what Twitter is all about.

I picked nice username, protected my privacy as much as I could and waited for Twitter to impress me. But, Twitter didn’t impress me and I don’t think I impressed Twitter, either. I could say I was occasional tweeter. Comparing it to Facebook, I was logging in rarely without too much desire. I just didn’t have a habit or wish to tweet a lot.

I would come there to tweet about my rage, sadness and anger because I knew people don’t know who am I. It was like a free therapy, but as we all know, no one wants to read about such things. I was getting confused with retweeting and replying. Something about Twitter didn’t seem right with me. When a few people would join in the same conversation I would get completely lost. I really wanted to like Twitter, but after a while I just didn’t feel I belong there.

What Went Wrong?

When I joined Facebook, putting your daily status, sometimes even many times, was like a sacred thing. As I have never had such experience before, it was also something new and exciting for me. So, at first, it was really something I was looking foward. After a while I was doing it less and less and when I gave my last exam back in summer 2010, I stopped completely.

On Twitter, I always felt I am forcing my tweets just to write something, but actually it was nothing important. And when I force myself to something, then I really shouldn’t do it at all. I felt I don’t have anything interesting to tweet or any wish to tweet at all. Twitter is an interactive place, there is no sense to stay in shadow there. As I didn’t have need to write Facebook statuses anymore, I had even less need to tweet.

I had three mail accounts, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Gaia Online, Deviantart profile and after having a nightmare about not being able to remember my passwords, it was time to get rid of some of them, including Twitter. And it wasn’t something hard to do. My friend didn’t click with Facebook and for sure I didn’t click with Twitter.

Maybe We Will Meet Again Someday

My closest friends still tweet on Twitter and as far I know, they really like it. Sometimes when I hear them talking about it, I feel they were on a great party that I missed. As I wrote above, I really wanted to like Twitter but the concept of tweeting never grew on me. Though I really enjoyed reading other people’s tweets (they were interesting and funny), I never found my place under the sun on Twiter. But, who knows, maybe one day I will try again and feel better about it. Too bad it’s that I lost username that I liked. Next time if I join, I will have to be really innovative.


Dora Jelaković

Our blogger Dora has graduated at the University of Zagreb, where she majored in Business Economy, department of Marketing. She is interested in Promotion, Creative strategies, traveling and writing in general.

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