Viralify.ME: A Marketing Agency For Small Businesses

Viralify.ME: A Marketing Agency For Small Businesses

There are approximately 400 million small-sized enterprises in the world. If you are among those (or if you want to start out), you’ll certainly have many questions, worries, and doubts. How to handle competition and grow your small business? How to increase revenue? And how to even survive as a business?

Clearly, strong marketing is important for business success. But how to engage your customers, create quality content, and be present in your online community? And then dealing with lead generation. SEO. Conducting email campaigns. All to get the return on the investment. The number of things you have to get done is endless!

But that’s exactly what a London-based digital marketing company Viralify.ME does for startups. And there are many lessons we can all learn from this smart performance marketing agency. So let’s get started. 

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Do you ever ask yourself: ‘How can I make my small business thrive?’ And this question also leads to another one: ‘How to choose the right digital marketing agency?’ You‘ll find the answer in the following lines. 

Every digital marketer would tell you that there are some proven steps you should take. Firstly, identify your target market, research your competition, build a sales funnel and create smart strategies. Know your goals, and be realistic about your budget and your expectations. Communicate your desired outcomes. And if you need someone to guide you through these processes, it often pays off to ask for help.

A great marketing agency should have social proof, experienced team members, and a considerable list of clients.

Now, every business is different and has different needs. However, there are a few things you should always pay attention to when considering hiring a digital marketing agency. A great digital marketing agency should have strong social proof, experienced team members, and a considerable list of past clients. Well-designed websites and substantial portfolios speak for themselves. 

What else do you need? Let’s see.

A Marketing Agency Building Meaningful Relationships With A Brand

A Marketing Agency Building Meaningful Relationships With A Brand

The right digital agency is supposed to complement your values. You see, it’s all about cooperation, asking questions, transparency, and being adaptive. 

A smart digital marketing agency should be seen as an extension of your startup or small business. If the agency can develop a meaningful relationship with your brand, that’s great! And additionally, does the agency have the creativity and technology? Can it build stable and active relationships between clients and your brand? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then they have what it takes!

From customer acquisition to advertising, your brand needs to interact with your audience and make your potential customers feel the good vibe around your brand.

The Power Of Social Networks

We all know that it is today’s world imperative for our brand to be present all over social media. But how to make your brand visible, likable, interactive with the community and able to reach a level from brand awareness to loyalty and advocacy. Viralify knows how to elevate your brand across social networks. In their own words, they are: turning fans into customers and customers into advocates’.

What you need is a virtual assistant and someone who goes the extra mile to make sure your products and services are user-friendly. Top-notch content, monitoring of the published content, community management, analytics of actionable insights, and social media listening. Extra tip from Viralify involves non-English speaking markets that are rapidly growing, so they recommend geolocation and geoculture targeting along with multilingual posting.

We cannot help but ask: ‘What do all successful startups have in common?’ They all went beyond traditional thinking and conventional marketing, using a method known as ‘growth hacking’.

What Is Growth Hacking?

You might have heard of a strategy that goes contrary to conventional marketing. It’s called growth hacking. It has been implemented by many startups and brought them numerous benefits and conversions. The best examples of now multi-billion companies that used this concept for their business are AirBnB, DropBox, PayPal, Uber, and Hotmail. 

Now, let’s see what makes the difference between growth hacking vs. traditional marketing. According to Mark Glenn, Viralify CMO: 

“Growth hacking distinguishes itself from marketing for the reason that growth hacking involves science, data and process.” – Mark Glenn, Viralify CMO

“Growth hacking distinguishes itself from marketing for the reason that growth hacking involves science, data and process.”

To paraphrase his own words, while traditional marketing focuses on the general marketing strategy for the whole company, growth hacking focuses on growth. They have different goals and all of the growth hacker’s decisions must be approved by growth.

Educational And Fresh Content On The Blog

We have already mentioned that a well-designed website of a digital marketing agency could be good evidence of their expertise and one of the reasons to hire them. 

When you take a quick look at Viralify’s website, you’ll notice a list of clients and their testimonials, a catalog of real people who work for Viralify, and their fields of expertise. You’ll see reputation managers, SMM specialists, performance marketers, ECommerce Marketing services managers, etc. 

Additionally, what is noticeable is how great their blog is! On this blog, the Viralify team shares tips to level up your social media, comprehensive guides about online reputation, how search engines rank backlinks, and many more.

Through the blog, Viralify selflessly share their skills, knowledge, and proficiency. Their desire is to educate their audience and give their website visitors true value. In this regards, Viralify is truly an example to follow!

Ready For New Challenges

A Marketing Agency Ready For New Challenges

Established in 2012, Viralify started as a local digital marketing agency in London. The agency has scaled to an award-winning performance marketing team of 25 working both on local and international projects that increase revenue for businesses. They currently have offices in the UK, USA, Middle East, and Indian Subcontinent. Also, they can confidently say that they successfully avoided outsourcing.

What the Viralify team points out is that their services are transparent and affordable. Their innovative approach, custom strategy, and growth hacking methods help startups and small businesses around the globe. There are 145 brands that trust Viralify.ME. And with 700+ funded startups, $2.4 billion in sales driven over 6 million leads generated across 12 countries, Viralify.ME has beyond doubt shown itself a member of note within the .ME family

Keep up the good work, Viralify!


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