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Ways for Students to Earn Supplemental Income Online

By Sarah Green, August 2, 2016

Being a student is in itself a very demanding and responsible job and adding more work might seem like the last thing you need in your life. However, many of us cannot afford not to look for some additional source of supplementary income.

Life of a full-time student doesn’t leave us a lot of free time for an actual 9 to 5 job. Still, depending on individual preferences and abilities, there is a multitude of interesting job opportunities for students online. You can find work opportunities that are part-time or project-based, with flexible hours, but at the same time well-paid.

Seems impossible, right? Well it doesn’t have to be and in this article we will present you with some of the best ways of earning additional income during your student years.

Freelance writing

For literature or art students, this type of job can be a great way to work on your craft and creativity, while at the same time getting some practical experience even before finishing faculty.

On the other hand, as science students, you can actually practice writing articles or research papers for scientific journals and other relevant publishing options. As far as the payments go, they can be fixed per word or per time period (e.g. hourly), depending on your personal preferences.

There are many websites for finding freelance work as a writer, from Upwork to Textbroker, each offering great options for promoting your services and finding new clients. The benefit of this type of income is in the fact that you can choose the amount of work that is most suitable for your current itinerary. If you decide to work during the summer months, you can increase the workload, thus improving your income.

Survey taking

This might seem like a tedious way of getting some extra cash, but it is a great way of using your free time in order to increase your monthly budget.

Most surveys have a clear demographic group that they are targeting, so in order to get the more quality ones, you need to look for the survey that suits your age, gender, education etc. There are several websites where you can apply to participate in surveys, so there is definitely no shortage of this type of work. So if you think that this could be an ideal way for you to earn some supplementary income, check out websites like Survey Spot or iPoll.

Becoming an online tutor

There are two options for online tutoring, and the first includes providing lessons in subjects you excel in.

You usually work with students through chat and video messaging from the comfort of your dorm room or home. If you want to avoid registering at specific websites for this, you can always create your own website with personalized .ME domain and brand yourself as a high quality effective tutor, adding testimonials as a proof of your work thus far.

Don’t forget about a blog, since it is the best way of promoting your knowledge in certain areas, as well as attracting your targeted customers. This type of unique branding can prove to be invaluable in your future career, as not only does it show your savvy business skills, but also helps you build contacts that are, as you know, the basis of any well-established professional.

The other option is applying to be an English language tutor for the East and South Asian market. Most companies that broker this type of services are willing to pay extra if you are a native, American or British English speaker. The good thing about these classes is that you set the duration of the class and get to cancel if you feel like it is too much.

Online Data Entry

This type of work usually means copying and pasting information from various spreadsheets to a website. At times you might need to do some research and gather data, but not to worry, this is also quite easy as the client will provide you with all the necessary training needed to perform this type of tasks.

At times, data entry doesn’t pay very much, but on the other hand it offers flexibility when it comes to work hours and the amount of work that you are willing to take on. As for finding these types of jobs, you can check out numerous sites, from Upwork to Craigslist (your city > jobs > web / info design).

Internet offers a vast number of earning and learning opportunities; it is up to students to choose the ones that are most suitable for their university schedules. It is important to keep in mind that by no means should your studies be affected by the side jobs. The thing that makes the above listed supplementary online earning options great is the fact that you can chose when you want to do it and how much work you are willing to take on. Finally, the best part of such income options is that you can stop whenever you want as it is project-based and you are not under any type of long-term contract.


Sarah Green

Sarah Green explores the latest web trends and covers stories related to technology, startups and digital life in general. Writing professionally since 2012, she has developed a sixth sense for trending topics in these fields.

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