Website Developer From the “Show Me” State Unveils Plans for an Online Local Media Empire at

I’ve always felt that the best chances for development success lie in finding an underserved niche and building the best resource within that niche. That is exactly what Missouri’s Bruce Marler is trying to do right now with development of a statewide portal at that is focused on serving the advertising needs of small to medium sized businesses in Missouri’s underserved rural communities.

Marler is so convinced that he can cash in on the migration of media consumers from traditional sources to the web that he has gone on to acquire nearly half of the 50 U.S. state names in the .me extension.

Playing off the popularity of the word “me”,  the extension has done pretty well in aftermarket auctions since it was relaunched. How well those prices will hold up and the degree to which .me will be accepted by web users remains to be seen but if it does gain a foothold people like Marler who are building well crafted useful websites on it will be the ones who deserve the credit.

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