WebUp.ME: Shut Up or Start Up & Win a $50,000-Worth Techcrunch Disrupt Position!

It’s your last chance. Just 24 more hours to go and apply for the WebUp.ME 2012. startup competition which will be held next week in beautiful Budva in Montenegro. The prize? A $50,000 stand at the premier startup conference Techcrunch Disrupt which after being held these days on the west coast is coming back to New York in 2013. Lets repeat that slowly: Techcrunch Disrupt and you can win the chance to not only attent, but also pitch and present your startup! As well as pitch it at WebFest.ME!

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

No, we’re not kidding you – that’s just how crazy our favourite domain can get – getting you a chance to present among the best of the best of the startup world – in Start-Up Alley. And you know the best part? The best startup according to the public gets the chance to pitch on the Techcrunch Disrupt Battlefield – with all the mentors and investors you’d ever want watching.

Đorđe Zeković, Logate (image credit: Marina Filipović Marinshe)

So, as we see it, you have few options. You can either cower and not even try to apply and spend the rest of your life wondering if you could have created the next Google, Skype or Ebay by just pitching and meeting the right people at the right time at the right place (Techcrunch Disrupt and WebFest.ME?!). Lets not forget that just attending WebFest.ME which is taking place next week and meeting some of the most influential web geeks around the world and the region is pretty much worth the price of admittion applying.

Applying Takes Less than 5 Minutes

Once again, you’re choices are clear. You are going to either SHUT UP and stop telling everybody you’re an entrepreneur and husler or you’tre actually going to START UP, APPLY and WIN WebUp.ME. So, startuper, what will it be?


Ivan Brezak Brkan

The founder of the "Techcrunch of Southeastern Europe" - Netokracija - and ex-Techcrunch writer with years of experience writing about startups, technology and the domain industry!

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