WebWave.ME – Build Your Website Now

WebWave.ME – Build Your Website Now

There are currently over 4,478,835,221 Internet users across the globe. That’s almost 4.5 billion people online buying or selling products and services, learning, reading, hanging out, or simply having their voice heard. Why is this important? Because everything nowadays happens online, and if your business or personal portfolio doesn’t come with a website address, it’s like you don’t exist. But, you know that yourself. 

Sure, you’d say, but unless you are a coder, building a website is really expensive. 

That was a valid excuse until now, but we are about to change your mind. 

So where do you start?

Start with WebWave.ME

Start with WebWave.ME

WebWave is a web design software that allows users to create websites without coding and publish them online for free. Yes, you’ve read it right – NO CODING and FREE.  

The idea of creating a web design tool, which is easy to use even for beginners, with no prior technical knowledge was born in 2011 in Poland. Ever since the business has been growing. So far, there have been almost 250.000 websites created in WebWave. 

If you are a web designer ready to skyrocket your online brand or a startup in the early stages, this platform is something you will want to get your hands on. There are three packages to choose from and the process of making your own website is very simplified no matter which one you pick.

Here is what’s offered:

Free Package

Free Package includes free website hosting and a possibility to make visually appealing pages with elements you want to include. Plenty of free templates to choose from, unlimited storage and number of subpages etc.  

Premium Package

By choosing a premium package you can get your own domain name and a mailbox, or transfer an already registered domain name to WebWave. In addition to all the features from the free package, with a premium package, you receive an SSL certificate

Custom Package

This package is best suited for freelance web designers or small businesses planning on making more than five websites. You receive all of the mentioned features and on top, you can negotiate other terms with the WebWave team.

Customize Your Website as You See Fit

Customize Your Website as You See Fit

Creating your website with WebWave begins with choosing a template for your website. There are plenty of options available to choose from, but you can also omit the template and build your website from scratch. Whatever option you choose, you will be able to add elements as you see fit

With WebWave the design options you are presented with are endless.

The free package offers you a built-in image collection allowing you to download images of any size and don’t spend a nickel on it. You can also experiment with different fonts, animations and videos, buttons and forms etc with most of them being free of charge. If you are building a store you can explore the e-commerce features they offer as well. 

Another cool thing is that you can craft your own “Error 404” as you wish. We suggest you let your creative juices flow and craft something unique and entertaining for this page. That’s how you are going to make your users smile even though they have ended up making a mistake and entering incorrect subform addresses.

And the best part, it looks great in all sizes and on all devices, so you don’t have to worry about how the mobile version of your website would turn out. You can have the power to decide which elements to hide or show on particular screens. 

You don’t have to worry about how the mobile version of your website would turn out.

With WebWave the design options you are presented with are endless. Depending on your time, you can let the software build a site for you in seconds with you editing just the website copy, or spend as much time as you wish to customize it. 

And speaking of the customizing process, you can further personalize your website with your own domain name or by connecting a domain you already own, all at the cost of 7$ per month.

The guys from WebWave appreciate the feedback of their users and encourage everyone to leave their opinion. Customer satisfaction is what drives them to be even better at what they do.

Get Ready to Hit the First Page on Search Engines

Want your website to rank well on Google? Here’s what might help. 

One of the great things WebWave provides is a range of tools that can help you rank better on Google and inspect your position in Google search results search. From the technical point of view, this is what’s included:

XML sitemap 

Put in layman’s terms, XML sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. An XML sitemap gives all the necessary info to search engines about what content can be found on your website and how to reach it. WebWave creates and updates the XML sitemap of your website so you don’t ever have to worry about it being up to date.

ALT tags and META titles

Do you know how search engines cannot ‘see’ images? Well, that’s why it is important to place ALT tags on all your images and help search engines better understand the content on your website. META titles, on the other hand, are descriptions of the HTML documents. This is an obligatory element in HTML, and it’s noted in the header area of the document. WebWave’s web design software allows you to set META title to each subpage and article and easily add ALT tags to images to make them better indexed.

Optimization for Google

The HTML code generated by this web design software is automatically optimized for search engines as part of the premium package. Thanks to that all websites created in WebWave are listed higher in search results.

With all of this in mind, you have a technical basis to reach for the stars. It’s only up to you to put all of your SEO knowledge into good use.

Last But Not the Least

Last But Not the Least

If you need some extra information, WebWave is happy to provide it at any time. You can find a lot of articles related to building websites on their blog, so expect to find tutorials, guides, and other useful content. If it’s easier to follow a video when building working on this project then you are in luck. There is a new webinar coming every two weeks, prepared for new users of the platform. 

So as you see, you don’t need to pay an enormous amount of money just to have your own space in the Internet realm. If you set aside some of your time to play with the features you can end up having jaw-dropping pages you can call your own. Dope, right? 🙂 


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