Time Over the Holidays? 10 Essential .ME DIY and How-to Blogs to Read

If you are on a holiday break from all the daily hassle and bustle, chances are you have a bit more free time you’d like to spend doing something fun and useful  While it’s pleasant just to relax and have a good read, if you are like me you would rather spend all this time learning a new craft or figuring out something new and creative.

Luckily, there is an ocean of DIY and crafts blogs out there, but it’s hard to determine the good ones, form poor ones. Because we don’t want you to waste your time on searching, we’ve decided to do it for you. Domain .ME is presenting you with a special .ME DIY and How-to blog list!

The best things are the ones you make on your own!

We took our time while choosing these blogs, as each of them focuses on a particular craft. Whether you’re into wood working, photography, cooking or just making your living space more unique, you’ll find something that’s interesting and creative. Their tips and tricks will definitely fulfill your time. At the end of the day you might end up with a special picture frame, or delicious cookies :). You might create something from your old stuff that you never thought could be done!

Domain.ME DIY and How-to blogs

This list features 10 of our picks in no particular order:

  1. Thehipsterho.ME
    • The Hipster Home blogs about cooking, baking and creating useful objects for your home. Got more time than money? You should figure it out, use what you have and do it yourself is the motto behind this blog.
  2. Angelab.ME
    • Written by a mum of two and a craftswoman, who’s true passion is sewing. Looking for a tip on how to repair a broken chair or how to create new ways for your children to have fun? Look no further than this blog.
  3. Pogirlshines.ME
    • You want to know how to save money, but still keep a nice looking garden and porch? Po’ Girl Shines writes about these things, as well as occasional tips ranging from health to finance. You can spot a delicious cooking blog post from time to time.
  4. Itrydiy.ME
    • Wrapping gifts, making jewelry boxes, baking delicious muffins. If looking for a girly touch on everyday things, look no further than I Try Diy.
  5. Thefishermanswife.ME
    • What happens when you combine love towards a fisherman, graphic design, ocean, writing and DIY? You get The Fisherman’s Wife Blog which writes about food, cooking and crafts. One of the coolest sea inspired crafts blogs out there.
  6. Sheepy.ME
    • If you are into sleeky minimalistic Scandinavian design, in love with chocolate and vegeterian cuisine, Sheepy is the place for you. Lots of useful advices on DIY jewlery, while using natural recources like pine cones and old wooden buttons.
  7. Gaida.ME
    • Nature inspired, gardening and around the house blog. Really resourceful on how to recycle old stuff and give it another life as something different.
  8. Thrasherho.ME
    • Pieces of advice from an interior decorator are always welcomed. Thrasher Home blogs about parties, food and home organizing. Tips and tricks on how to achieve the best effect with just the regular, everyday tools.
  9. Makemecake.ME
    • If your cup of tea is baking, Make Me Cake will become one of your favorite blogs. Dozens and dozens tips on how to bake cookies, cakes, muffins and all the other sweets you can imagine.
  10. Grillfusion.ME
    • If you are a huge fan of grill (like I am :)), you’ll find yourself in the Grill Fusion blog. Run by a couple, it gives advices on cooking, grilling, gardening and photography-

We hope you enjoy these blogs as their advice is really awesome and useful. Who knows  – maybe you even decide to start your own DIY and How-to blog! Using the best domain name possible of course, your own .ME. 😉

Foto: madebyjoel.com


Marko Mudrinić

Marko is an undergraduate student based in Belgrade. Majoring in Journalism he's interested in digital publishing, startups and new technology. He currently writes for Balkan's leading Internet magazine Netokracija about local startups scene.

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