Never Miss Sending A Gift Again: 24Me Integrates ‘Microgifting’ Into Your Calendar

Never Miss Sending A Gift Again: 24Me Integrates ‘Microgifting’ Into Your Calendar

With all this work, it would be sooo good to have a personal assistant!”, said everyone always. And thanks to technology, today almost everyone has one – on the screen of our smartphones, always in our pockets. Mine looks like a folder of productivity apps, carrying a struggle to choose the best one (and I’m not the only one, according to Lifehacker). And the ‘not that urgent’ task Buy a gift for Susan’s birthday somehow gets postponed until it’s too late and I’m left feeling bad about it. Ever happened to you?

Never Miss ‘Gifting’ Again!

Thankfully, the new TwentyFour.Me app helps to solve the problem with a new gift shop catalogue in its newest update to enable you buying presents in real-time or schedule buying a gift in-app!

TwentyFour.Me was founded in 2012 as a way to be more productive with a personal assistant that helps you actually get things done. Being organized was already eased with various to-do lists and time management apps, but still problematic with organizing yourself between apps and doing all those tasks. I would usually end up missing or endlessly postponing something, getting lost in my Productivity folder. With clean design and quality features like connecting with your contacts and social networks, service utilities and even banks, you can now complete tasks from within the 24me app.

It All Started With a Real-Time Assistant App

TwentyFour.Me started out as a smart calendar connected with all your calendars, listing all your tasks, events and notes together in one place, but now it also allows you to list birthdays in your daily agenda and send gifts through in-app gift catalogue. The team at TwentyFour.Me gave some details after releasing the new update (for now only available in America):

We partnered with Jifiti, to introduce a beautiful gift store, so you can send gifts from leading retailers right from 24me’s calendar, using address-free shipping and no markup prices.

Buy a Gift Right from Your Calendar (in TwentyFour.Me!)

Schedule sending a gift like any other event in your calendar and act instantly on the reminder you already have. You can do it in two ways: by using the gift button 24me added next to special occasions on your calendar and sending any gift from a choice of diverse categories for almost any occasion, or you can relate a ‘gift’ task to your contacts. In just a few taps you can browse, choose, pay and send the gift! No more last minute running around in search of a suitable gift – what a relief!

Let People Choose The Gift They Want

Simplifying the process of buying and delivering gifts, TwentyFour.Me delivers gifts to recipients with a link. That way the delivery is instant and the recipient may choose his style, color and size if needed, enter a shipping address or redeem it personally. The gift can also be exchanged for anything else so you have a chance of not ending up on Reddit’s list of worst presents and saving secrets of your bad taste to yourself.


You can download TwentyFour.Me for free from the App Store & Google Play, so don’t waste any time. The first 100 Product Hunt users will get a $5 Starbucks gift card for their first purchase of a gift via 24me, courtesy of Jifiti and TwentyFour.Me. Not only you can now take care of special occasions in short time, you can also reward yourself with a nice cup of coffee for doing so, and relax.

Get the assistance you really need and get more things done! No doubt 24me will help you with that, as founder Gilad Hertanu explains on the TwentyFour.Me blog:

We are thrilled to release this new version of 24me. 24me 1.5 takes the next step in assisting its users in a whole other spectrum of life. Sending tangible gifts with a few quick taps is an innovative and incredible leap forward in the world of productivity.


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