24Me: The Only Calendar App You’ll Need on Your iPhone or Android Phone!

24Me: The Only Calendar App You’ll Need on Your iPhone or Android Phone!

If there was a game where you would need to be organized and productive, could you score „Perfect“? Yeah, me neither. And it’s no secret everyone is trying to find more ways to be productive; Forbes wrote about being more productive, there’s a science backed article on Medium… and Forbes wrote about it again.

When it comes to being organized, there are two kinds of people that come to my mind: the ones who can get all their tasks for the day done in that exact day, and the ones who can’t. The only difference between them is that the first ones are unicorns using time machine. At least I thought so. Until recently, when I discovered TwentyFour.Me, the personal assistant app behind those unicor… I mean, behind those well-organized people.

Stop Losing Yourself Between Apps

Getting lost between apps, trying to manage your To-Do list with many meetings in your calendar? Tasks, events, and notes are all listed together on the TwentyFour.Me calendar and can be managed from one place. You can switch between Date view and Label view, import your tasks from Outlook, and speak your tasks straight to the app. With an easy swipe you can remove your task from the list and admire your new ways of being productive.

Finish Your Tasks – From the App

While most other apps have its ways of helping you be more organized with various to-do lists, calendar reminders and scheduling meetings, it is you that has to do all the work at the end. With TwentyFour.Me, you can do that work in only a few taps. Paying bills, outsourcing work, sending a gift… TwentyFour.Me got you covered. You can easily link your life with the app: your utilities, service providers, banks, social networks… You can make a reminder to pay a bill and when it’s time – just tap to pay it, from within the app. Even more, you can make recurring tasks, so you don’t have to worry about putting the task “pay the bills” in the app every month – just put it in the app once and pay on time every time, without it taking too much of your time and energy.

Outsource Your Work

It is great to have that much help during working hours, leaving you enough time to focus on important work tasks. But when it comes to personal life, there are just too many things on everyone’s To-Do list. Even with the best time management, there are still some things that require us doing them personally, like mowing the lawn, repainting the fence or decorating the room… Sounds familiar? Now, you can easily outsource some of your tasks straight from the App. You get a notification and think you don’t have enough time to do it yourself? Stop postponing your tasks and get them done by someone else, but don’t lose too much time, do it straight from the reminder.

Change Your Procrastination – for Productivity

Procrastinating. A common problem of everyone, everywhere. You don’t have to procrastinate long to lose valuable time and get yourself into trouble of panicky doing things in the last minute. But the thing we tend to forget is that sometimes the last minute isn’t enough time. TwentyFour.Me uses advanced technology to give you heads up about everything that’s happening in your day, reminding you what’s coming next and taking care of things for you. If it sees you have free time, it will suggest you to work on a task you are late with or maybe you don’t have enough time to finish it before deadline. Seems like the best time to get work done isn’t the last minute, huh?

You can download the 24Me app for free on the App Store & Google Play. Now you can stop worrying about being productive and start being productive!


Morana Vrdoljak

Morana is an Internet marketing specialist and online education enthusiast, currently freelancing and writing. Her biggest interests are digital, from mobile apps to virtual reality.

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