3 Must-have WordPress Plugins to Make your Site Mobile Responsive

3 Must-have WordPress Plugins to Make your Site Mobile Responsive

WordPress is perhaps the most user-friendly, manageable and accessible CMS solution that today powers more than 60 million blogs, corporate websites, online magazines and e-commerce stores. As it offers tons of themes, extensive support and useful plugins, it is virtually impossible to beat the appeal WordPress possess. If you also throw in more than 29,000 plugins available and many more currently in development, it’s unsurprising that such a great number of website owners favor WordPress over other CMS solutions.

On the other hand, Google recently announced that mobile devices have surpassed desktop computers when it comes to browsing the web, which makes mobile experience a critical website success factor. Clearly, no webmaster wants frustrated visitors and this is why they should ensure their websites are neatly displayed across a variety of screen sizes. Fortunately, there are several excellent plugins that can help you achieve this quite easily.


With over 400,000+ active installs, WPtouch definitely deserves to be covered. Its mobile response focused suite has a full-blown WPtouch Theme, which makes your site faster and more responsive. This plugin features Infinity Cache to make your website fast using mobile caching, while the images are scaled via CSS, making your webpage capable of delivering mobile-optimized images according to the device used. WPtouch uses extensions within a plugin in order to render separate content specifically for portable devices.

Premium version is also available, which provides a lot more options. This plugin is ideal for those who want to give a unique user experience to both desktop and mobile users. It also has an add-on enabling server-side optimization, which provides you with the opportunity to supply templates specifically designed for mobile devices as it detects which mobile device is accessing your site.

Ensure that people who visit your website from their mobile phone have the best user experience.


Ok, WPtouch was just a warm up, get ready for some serious speed. As its name suggests, JetPack is a single plugin that can supercharge your website, by giving you more than just a mobile responsive design. Providing you with over 33 specific features, JetPack is simply a must-have package.

And it doesn’t just provide you with its Mobile Theme that optimizes and speeds up your WordPress page for portable devices; you can also use contact forms, custom CSS, transform your photo galleries via Carousel, etc. Users who are familiar with CSS and a bit of PHP coding can further customize the theme and make it more personal, accessible and, well, cooler. JetPack offers site verification tools, as well. Photon tool is used for accelerating the speed if webpage and making possible direct integration with your Google+ page.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

We are rounding up with this amazing package that will take your site speed up a notch, improve your user experience and make your WordPress page feel like an app. The WP Mobile Pack 2.0 allows you to consistently, safely and quickly deliver your existing content across platforms, operating systems, and portable devices. The plugin provides cross-platform access with a responsive user interface, alongside a ready-made theme. However, you do have the opportunity to customize the appearance, colors and fonts, while the theme also features a full-screen mode should your visitor want to access the application-like theme on their desktop device.

Considering their capabilities, these three plugins can obviously give your website a necessary boost when it comes to mobile display and greatly improve your visitor’s experience. This is especially important for website owners who lack programming skills, as plugins generally represent an easy way to improve some critical aspects of website’s performance.


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