5 (.Me) Apps to Get You Ready For Halloween (It’s Tomorrow, BOO!)

5 (.Me) Apps to Get You Ready For Halloween (It’s Tomorrow, BOO!)

Halloween is tomorrow, right? RIGHT! And you still have questions that need to be answered and plans to be organized in order to make Halloween a great and very fun night. Thankfully, these days we have dozens – actually hundreds of apps that can help us get ready for a scary holiday. Here’s our list of the most Halloween-friendly .Me apps you should use:

Where Do You Want To Go – or What To Do – for Halloween?

You and your friends aren’t really sure what you want to do for the spookiest night of the year? No problem. While you could call up and ask every one of your friends – or message them some options, the hell organizing all that data that will ensue won’t make you that happy about Halloween. I’d suggest using Strawpoll.Me instead as a poll with a few (not too many) options that your friends can choose from. Bar? Home? Concert? Make up your mind, already!

All Of Those Halloween Stickers – You Hate!

Some people don’t really like stickers – at all, as we’ve discovered in .Me’s unique interview with the creator of the unique Unsticker.Me. Instead of giving you additional stickers of Dracula and Frankenstein for Halloween, Unsticker.Me will remove any and all stickers from your Facebook feed. No. More. Stickers. Especially for Halloween. But don’t you love those cute black cat Halloween emoticons?

From Spiders to Jack-O’-Lanterns, Halloween is Perfect for Instagram

Halloween is, like a lot of holidays, an unbelievably visually exciting time with a lot of sights that are very specific to it. From webs and spiders on doors to a bit of fake blood on the door, everyone knows what to expect from Halloween photos and the best ones can land you a lot of followers on the equally visual social network: Instagram.

True to our business guide advice that in this case applies to individuals like you and me as well: Be sure to use the right hashtags in order to have your unique Halloween photos reach the biggest possible audience! One big part of having the right people see it is posting photos at the right time, which you can use Latergram.Me for. Just schedule your Instagram photos with the right #Halloween hashtags and you’re on your way to trending tomorrow!

Scary Movie? SCARY MOVIE! BOO!

While there are a lot of great, iconic horror movies in the world that you can watch on Netflix or order on Amazon, choosing the right one might be a bit harder than you expect. To make your choice of scary movie easier, use the unique and very simple Movieo.Me, a service that takes care of all our first world movie problems, helping us choose the ones that we haven’t already watched.

Your Personal Brand Is Ready for Halloween, Right?

No, it’s not. Sigh. We’re sorry to hear that you still haven’t found the time to setup a personal website to build your personal brand and customize for Halloween, but your situation isn’t rare. It’s actually quite common, so let’s make you special while saving you a bit of money. Themify.Me, one the premier WordPress theme companies out there has a special sale for Halloween. Using the coupon code ‘spooky’ you can get a 20% sale for all of Themify.Me’s themes, plugins, add-ons as well as Club memberships!

Halloween is tomorrow. I hope you’re ready!


Ivan Brezak Brkan

The founder of the "Techcrunch of Southeastern Europe" - Netokracija - and ex-Techcrunch writer with years of experience writing about startups, technology and the domain industry!

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