8 WordPress Plugins You Need for Your Website

8 WordPress Plugins You Need for Your Website

Let’s start with this: Did you know that the world’s most popular system for managing content is WordPress? In fact, it is so popular that a new piece of content is published every 17 seconds via this CMS. And while we can drop names of the big organisations and companies that use WordPress CMS for their websites (like BBC America, TechCrunch, The New Yorker and more), we thought why not skip all of that and get right to the core. Here’s the list of 10 WordPress plugins for your website across several categories! 

But before we go on, let us debunk one myth. A WordPress website is not only for bloggers. Why? Find out more about it here.

wordpress plugins for SEO

WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Does WordPress really need an SEO plugin? Well, the answer is yes and no. The purpose of SEO is to bring visitors to your website. While WordPress is easy to use (create content and publish) SEO plugins help simplify the process. 


SEOPress is an affordable, all in one solution for optimising WordPress websites for search engines. This is a great tool to boost your website traffic and increase conversions. How to best describe it? Well, it is easy to use, has all the features you need in one plugin, and it’s free version is ad-free! That means no footprints in the source code, no ads, white-label and no anonymous data sent. You’ll find all the features you need, from redirections, schemas, broken link checker to a Wizard who’ll help you modify title tags, meta descriptions and more. 


Ready to increase your website’s SEO performance? Look no further than Yoast! This widely popular SEO plugin lets you take control of your titles and meta descriptions, set target keywords and track their usage throughout your content. But you can also manage sitemaps, analyse your website and so much more. It is not only easy to use but painless to install.  

e-commerce websites

WordPress Plugins for e-Commerce

In the past year or so, we’ve seen a great shift from brick and mortar to online shops. Here at .ME the increase in registered domain names used in e-commerce purposes rose by 85.36% in the first half of 2020. With that in mind, let’s see some of the most popular WordPress plugins for e-commerce websites.


BigCommerce plugin for WordPress websites helps you say no to any compromise when it comes to the beauty of your fully customisable e-commerce site. Now that we’ve got that out of way, here are its perks. As BigCommerce puts it, their plugin is “a commerce engine tailor-made for WordPress”. But, truly everything you might need to build and manage your online shop, is there! And that means, from an abandoned cart recovery to a multi-channel integration. The BigCommerce WordPress plugin allows you to scale your ecommerce website with a tailored experience for your customers. 


With WooCommerce plugin you can set up your shop on any WordPress site within minutes! But the trick is not only in a quick setup, of course. In fact, we believe that you’d like secure payments, configurable shipping options, and so much more for free. Well, you’ve got it!
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s quite important to mention that the WooCommerce WordPress plugin is fully customisable. That means you can add features and extend the functionality of your online shop. Just check out the WooCommerce Marketplace for the list of official extensions. And one more thing, this plugin is developer and marketer friendly – easy to  install and configure, but you can check your store’s progress through an app! 

wordpress plugins for online booking and ticketing

WordPress Plugins for Conferences

Conferences, conferences. Raise a hand if you haven’t attended an online conference in the past year or so. No one? Yup, I thought so. Anyhow, we’ve all seen the rise of virtual conferences and played our part in it. Now, without further ado, here are some WordPress plugins you should not overlook. 


Let’s see, the best way to describe Tickera would be to say that this WordPress plugin will make your conference/event planning just a little bit easier. For those of you who think this is impossible, here’s a little surprise. Tickera, or the best way to sell tickets for conferences/events on your WordPress website is what you are looking for. Here is the good news. By installing the Tickera WordPress plugin you can sell and send tickets through your website. If you are not into creating your own hosted ticketing solution, by installing Tickera you are all sorted. And you are the one controlling the profits with no cut to a third party. So, Are you ready to issue and send digital tickets for your events/conferences?


Who needs a simple, yet powerful, WordPress plugin to take care of their booking system? I can see a few raised hands, alright. So, what’s Amelia all about? Well, think of this plugin as an automated booking specialist that is available to your customers 24/7. Meaning they can book appointments or events, pay online at any point, day or night. Great, right? Now, since no one likes overcomplicated interfaces you need a manual to use, Amelia has a minimalistic interface making the booking process as easy as pie. With the plugin’s features, it is guaranteed that your customers will have a smooth booking experience.

wordpress marketing features

WordPress Plugins for Marketing

Now here’s the thing, marketing plugins for WordPress will help you achieve better performance. You know, like the following analytics, out-doing your competition, streamlining your workflows, reaching new customers, and more. But enough about all the possibilities, you know those already. Let’s dive right in.


Now Jetpack is not only for marketing purposes. Instead, you can observe it as an all in one product. Why do we say this? Well because it can make your website safer and stronger, help load your pages faster, increase your website’s traffic and so on. But you don’t have to use all the offered features. Instead, opt for those that suit your necessities. Marketers across the globe use Jetpack to get an immediate overview of their web traffic statistics, while others opt to use it to automate their social media posts or enhance their SEO efforts. Either way, using Jetpacks features will help you promote your website’s success.


Ever wished you had a magic tool that would grow your mailing list, take care of targeted marketing popups? Not to mention those opt-ins and slide-ins, widgets, shortcodes, well the list is endless. Anyhow, before we get all desperate here, we found the right WordPress plugin to take care of all of the above. No joke. With Hustle, you can get creative, take optimisation and personalisation to a whole new level. Don’t want your visitors to leave before subscribing to your newsletter? Done!  Hustle has this cool feature that lets you set up a range of behavior triggers for popups and slide-ins. Anything from time on page, scroll, exit intent and quite frankly, anything that crosses your mind.

Wrapping Up

So what do you think? Ready to take your business’ online home to a whole new level? We thought so too! But before you wonder off, remember that WordPress plugins can help you a great deal. However, personalising your business and ensuring that your visitors get the best experience possible should be high on your priority list.

Alright then, until next time.


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