About.Me Goes Premium: Use Your Own Domain Name For $4 a Month

About.Me Goes Premium: Use Your Own Domain Name For $4 a Month

Popular online profile platform About.Me is going premium! The “once again startup” which was co-founded by RyanFreitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young in October of 2009, then sold to AOL only to be bought back by the management team and a group of investors two years later is trying to carry out new features that existing and potential new users might like.

First on the list is its new Premium feature which will finally allow users to display their About.Me profile pages under a personal domain name. Since this has been the most requested feature, the team has worked hard in order to provide the best possible experience for its users. Coming at $4 a month, premium profiles will get several different features including an option to remove Navigation Bar which creates a cleaner look by removing the top bar from their page.

Premium users can also enjoy full integration of Google Analytics which they can add to their website and get the in-depth statistics about their page. For those who don’t already have their own personal domain name, About.me is also partnering with NameCheap.com where users will be able to buy domains as well as host their websites. Furthermore Premium accounts will have Priority Support meaning any troubles will be solved in a matter of minutes.

Additional $9 a month subscription is also said to be launched in a near future. Essentially it will buy users prominence across About.Me network and mark them in the Directory and throughout search. These features are saidto be powered by Wefollow’s technology which was founded by Jeff Hodsdon and Kevin Rose in 2009. andacquired by About.Me earlier this month.

New About.Me Era

These new Premium profiles and updates are a certain indicator that About.Me is back on track and readier than ever when it comes implementing “new stuff”. Online profile platform is also working on several other features – they’ve just introduced a WordPress widget which displays user’s profile in their blog’s sidebar. YouTubeVimeo and SoundCloud embeds were enabled during last couple of months.

With the recent news of Yahoo’s Tumblr acquisition, it’s is not unlikely to see About.Me pivoting towards blogging platform since it has all the right preconditions. Exactly what this company has on its mind is still unclear, although changes like these are very welcomed among the users. We’ll keep an eye on About.Me in order togive you the latest news on this popular profile service.


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