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About.ME Launches With Ultimate Personal Domain Brand

By .ME, December 8, 2010

One of the Internet’s newest and most alluring startups, About.Me, is live on the Web. The site will allow anyone to quickly and simply assemble a personal splash page, all-inclusive of every social network to which they belong.

“About-dot-Me is all about you… just like dot-ME itself,” notes Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .ME Registry. “When we were approached about the use of About-dot-Me by well-known entrepreneur and venture capitalist Tony Conrad, we realized there is no better example of the brand capability of dot-ME than a startup service of this sort. It fits perfectly into our efforts to show the world that dot-ME is a truly personal brand identity for everyone using the Internet.”

Social media has gone mainstream in the past year. The Top 20 social networking sites have more than one billion unique visitors every month and most people have multiple online profiles, scattered across various services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and Twitter. One problem they face is pulling all that information together to build a single online identity — be it for personal use or to create a professional online profile. About.Me is the solution. About.Me allows users to:

1)    Create a personal profile page (think splash page) that points users to your content around the web (versus depending on Google search)
2)    Understand how many people see your profile, where they are coming from and what they do on your page

Here are just a few examples of About.Me profiles:

About.Me has already gained significant traction thanks to the commitment of several Silicon Valley A-list investors and entrepreneurs. Investors include True Ventures, Radar Partners, Freestyle Capital, Scott Kurnit, AOL Ventures, David Mahoney, Founder Collective and Ron Conway. Advisors include Silicon Valley notables such as Chris Sacca, Veronica Belmont, Dick Costolo, Om Malik, Lindsay Campbell, Tim Ferriss, Peter Rojas, Catherine Valdes, Tim Roberts, Hiten Shah, Howard Lindzon, Julia Allison, Jeff Veen, Andy Weissman and James Joaquin.

Over the past year, virtually everyone has learned the importance of securing their online names as services like Twitter have come from nowhere to become significant drivers of top online brands. About.Me makes this as simple as possible and it does so with flying colors, establishing it as a great service and an even better opportunity for Internet users to control their identities online.

“We have been encouraging individuals and companies to approach the .ME Registry with their ideas for non-auction allocations of the dot-ME brand. This is a perfect example of a truly innovative vehicle for the use of our domain,” adds Lesic.

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