Acte.ME: Making Your Dreams a Reality

Acte.ME: Making Your Dreams a Reality

When you hear the words design agency what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Is it a graphic design? Illustrations? Or merch design, at best? What if we told you that there are design agencies that are willing to take things further. To bring something new to the market. To join photography, paintings, products, automobiles, movies, and graphic design together in an attempt to create something magnificent.  

Pretty neat, huh?

That’s why we are so proud to tell you about one of our own ME members, a design agency that pushes the boundaries and creates a world without limits –

Who is Acte?

The main mission and vision of the team behind Acte is to join a couple of artistic fields together in an effort to create a design that moves, speaks, feels, inspires, and motivates.

Acte is a design agency that excels at not one, not two, but a multitude of design disciplines. The agency is based in Paris, a city considered by many as the capital of the arts. And once we’ve had the chance to see what creations Acte has in store for us, we couldn’t agree more. If other Parisian design agencies are nearly as imaginative and talented as Acte, the design scene in Paris must be thriving.    

The main mission and vision of the team behind Acte is to join a couple of artistic fields together in an effort to create a design that moves, speaks, feels, inspires, and motivates. A design that stimulates your senses, energizes you, transforms you, and makes you reconsider the things you thought you knew about the world.  

Did they succeed?

Let’s take a closer look into their creations and you can then decide for yourselves. 

What do Acte.ME do?

What do they do?

Being such a versatile design agency, Acte has many different projects that are currently ongoing. They offer their services in the following fields: 


Fans of minimalistic and futuristic design, as well as raw and natural materials, the Acte team manages to create simple yet stunning, timeless pieces of furniture. Their interior object collection is sure to cause a “wow” or two, while their signature stools combine style with craftsmanship. Not to forget their utility case, designed to become a faithful companion to join you on your every adventure. 


Although making automobile prototypes might seem unbelievable for a design agency, the Acte team believes there’s nothing they can’t do. And it seems like there really isn’t! Their car prototypes are simply amazing. They are sleek, modern, attractive, artisanal, and, above all else, well-equipped for all types of road adventures. Built with the help of enthusiastic students, several models of Acte’s car prototypes were presented at prestigious international motor shows.  


A good photograph will surely make you look at it twice. A great photograph will make you feel like you just can’t take your eyes off of it. After all, as that old saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words. And trust us, Acte’s photos really do know how to tell a story. Regardless of whether you enjoy portrait, animal, landscape, cities, or event photography, Acte photographers have got you covered. Take a peek and we promise you won’t regret it. 

Acte.ME movies


The people working in the agency are true lovers of all art forms, so no wonder they managed to make a short film or two. Probably the most remarkable is the one featuring RENNER, the Acte’s most notable car prototype. Being the modern-day Porsche 904, RENNER has many show-stopping qualities that are beautifully illustrated in the team’s short movie. This only goes to show that the Acte team knows how to make the most out of the exceptional talent and diverse skills they possess. 

Graphic Design

Every designer takes pride in their graphic designs and the Acte team is no exception. Mostly, they use their graphic design skills to help brands build, redefine, or strengthen their brand image. That’s why they focus on creating logos, as they tend to capture the essence of a brand. In fact, a carefully designed logo tells you everything you need to know about the brand in question – who they are, what is their business about, and what values they have. 


For all those art souls who enjoy paintings, Acte’s team of artists has something in that department as well. Acte’s paintings are best described as distinctive, rich, vivid, realistic, detailed, and inspiring. No matter where each painting is placed, it will surely light up the whole room. Another major success for the Acte team.  

What is Acte.ME website like

What is Acte.ME website like?

As online presence is everything these days, especially when it comes to design and visual arts, no wonder the Acte team took care of their digital footprint. Let’s start with the name the company chose – Acte. Acte (or act) means to take action, do something, move. Cleverly paired with a highly personal .ME domain, the name suggests that the website visitor will take part in the action, that he or she will become part of something big. And encouraging customer involvement is exactly what a great brand name should do

Acte (or act) means to take action, do something, move.

If we take a look at the Acte’s website – – it is clear that the company deals with design. The website is beautifully designed, modern-looking, with a neat and logical structure. The main color scheme is neutral and soothing, with colors that pop only when you hover your mouse over. 

Every section is clearly visible, with a short description of what each product/design is intended for and what its purpose is. In addition, each product comes with a brief explanation of the design process, which helps potential clients gain a greater understanding of the process of work the Acte team has, as well as their values as a company. This helps create a great designer-client match, which guarantees the satisfaction of both parties. 

Bottom line

Bottom line

Unlike many other agencies, Acte lets design be what it truly is – a creative, surprising, and fun adventure we’d all like to take part in. 

Something powerful enough to change the world. 

There’s nothing much left for us to do except to congratulate them and wish them all the best in all of their future endeavors.


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