Alan Varghese: An Aspiring Web Designer & 3D Artist

Alan Varghese: An Aspiring Web Designer & 3D Artist

Ever asked yourself what it’s like to create the building blocks of the online world? What it’s like to be fluent in digital languages? What is it like, to wit, to work in web design and development?

Alan Varghese ( can answer that question for you.

This multi-talented .MEr wears multiple hats. Alan is a full-stack web developer, indie game designer, and aspiring 3D artist.

Want to learn more about his career? Let’s go!

Who Is Alan Varghese?

Alan has worked as a freelance web designer, game developer, and 3D artist since 2017. He has worked on a multitude of website projects for clients from all across the world. In addition to website development and design, Alan has also built several chatbots for clients’ websites and messaging applications. He emphasizes:

 “I’ve been designing and developing stuff for almost a decade and I’m really passionate about what I do.”

“I’ve been designing and developing stuff for almost a decade and I’m really passionate about what I do.”

In the world of web development, Alan is a genuine polyglot. He “speaks” multiple programming languages fluently, including:

  • Python (, Flask, SQLite3, etc)
  • JavaScript (MEAN, MERN)
  • C# (.NET, Unity)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • TypeScript
  • Flutter + Dart
  • Unity Engine

Impressive, right?

And honestly, that’s just a fraction of what this impressive guy does. He uses a plethora of tools, platforms and frameworks in web design and development.

A Web Designer At His Best

The number of web apps is growing at an astounding pace. Such fierce competition makes it difficult for web developers to stand out.

One proven strategy to triumph in web development is to transform your software into a solution.

Success in web development lies in identifying a problem worth solving and coming up with an effective solution.

And that is exactly what Alan Varghese does. All of his web applications are inspired by users’ problems and experiences.

This web designer has many amazing projects under his belt. So let’s name a few.

Padlock: A User-Friendly Password Generator

Cybersecurity attacks are becoming ever more prevalent. Creating uncrackable passwords is therefore essential. This combination of numbers, letters, and symbols plays a fundamental role in overall digital security.

Padlock – Alan’s password generator that has already won the hearts of many.

However, creating unique and strong passwords for each digital channel can be difficult. That is where password generators step in. And Alan’s password generator Padlock has won the hearts of many.

Padlock is a sophisticated password generator and strength checker. The tool allows users to create strong passwords based on their individual needs.

Kards: An Easy-to-Use Kanban Board

Agile has become the core project management tactic in many organizations. And to maximize its effectiveness, many project managers rely on Kanban-style boards.

These list-making platforms illustrate the different stages of work, making tasks easier to track. One of the most popular Kanban applications is Trello, which inspired Alan to develop Kards.

Kards is a simple cards-based kanban board app that helps individuals and businesses effectively organize tasks at every stage of the project. Via the platform, users can create new boards, add cards, and drag them around.

Fancy Fonts Generator

Alan also dipped his toes into web app development. And one of the web apps he’s developed is no less than The Fancy Fonts Generator!

The Fancy Fonts Generator is a simple web app with some pretty cool stuff. It has 27 predefined fonts to play around with, and can also change the style to provide a certain case type or spacing. The font generation happens in real-time as you type.

And here’s a sweet bonus. If you give it no input, it generates a random pun. So it’s also a pun generator, you might say.

Eve: A Sophisticated Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are not sci-fi anymore. They have been our reality for quite some time now. A growing number of organizations and individuals use those sophisticated applications.

Given that, it is not surprising that the Intelligent Virtual Assistant market is expected to reach $6.27 billion by 2026

Now, I bet you can name at least a few virtual assistants out there. But have you ever heard of Eve – Alan Varghese’s brainchild? 

Eve is a sophisticated and intelligent virtual assistant, expected to have a bright future.

Eve is a sophisticated and intelligent virtual assistant, written in Python. The application uses a customized modular API. This is a closed-source and invite-only app that is expected to have a bright future.

The Chat Games Bot for Discord and Telegram

This is a games bot for both Discord and Telegram that allows users to play chat games.

On his blog, Alan says that he drew the inspiration for building a bot from conversational games with friends.

While playing games with friends, he realized how tedious manually gathering questions online was. Since the existing bots did not work the way he expected, he decided to build his own.

And though Alan hardly expected it, the bot blew up in popularity impressively fast. Alan explains:

“It was added to over 50 guilds in just 2 weeks and used by more than 200 unique users. The numbers only kept increasing and I obviously wasn’t prepared for this kind of growth. This was really surprising but it also made me happy to see so many people using my bot.”

 Even though Alan didn’t recently update it, the bot has over 800 active monthly users.

Professional Development As A Key To Success

Even though Alan primarily focuses on web development, he is also a superb graphic designer. He specializes in creating illustrations and 3D renders for numerous clients.

Like many of us, Alan never gets satisfied with what he achieves. He continuously strives to improve his skills and gain new experiences:

“I’m always looking for opportunities to broaden my skills. I always enjoy a bit of challenge and love collaborating and helping others with their projects.”

Taking Challenges to Showcase Web Design Skills and Improve Them

To take his skills to the next level, Alan often takes on challenges for web developers and designers.

One of them is 52 Weeks, 52 Renders. He used Blender to create a new render each week for a year. The challenge spanned 52 weeks – hence 52 renders.

He explains that accepting the challenge was the opportunity to perfect his skills with Blender and “learn an insane amount of things by taking this”.

Wrapping Up

Career development is a multifaceted process that combines learning, self-knowledge, exploration, and insatiable curiosity. It also requires innovation, creativity, and authenticity.

And you must agree that Alan Varghese has what is needed to succeed.

His journey in web design started with developing a personal website that served as an effective knowledge resource and online portfolio. And we could not be happier that he chose .ME for it.

Keep following your dreams, Alan! We are proud of you!


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