Alessandro Moro: Neuroscientist And A Musician

Alessandro Moro: Neuroscientist And A Musician

For most people, using random information about the brain as a conversation starter is enough. For example, did you know that alcohol doesn’t make you forget anything? What happens is, when you get blackout drunk, the brain loses the ability to create memories. It’s one of those fun facts you can break out during dinner. Luckily, a young man called Alessandro Moro decided to go a little deeper than that.

He turned his passion – learning about one of the most astonishing and intricate parts of the human body – into his vocation. And that is something we should all aspire to. 

Now, here’s a little bit about Alessandro.

The Road From Padova And Molecular Biology

The Road From Padova And Molecular Biology 

Even as a kid, he found pleasure in learning how nature works. This young boy constantly sought a better understanding of the scientific realm. He wanted to know how nature works at the very small level of what happens inside every single cell. And it’s what drove him to Molecular Biology. 

But if you think his story ends here, then you’re mistaken. The road he took led him from the university in Padova to Imperial College in London where he was next door to the Royal Albert Hall. 

One Step Closer (To The Brain)

One Step Closer (To The Brain)

At the University of Padua, he learned about the electrical properties of bacteria and got a step closer to the brain. Now, you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to deepen the understanding of our place in the Universe, right? Although it was a little outside of his comfort zone, Alessandro Moro decided to go to London and study animal behavior. It’s a decision he doesn’t regret. 

Who would want to miss the opportunity to deepen the understanding of our place in the Universe, right?

There he worked on entangling the neuronal pattern of sleep in mice. It helped him understand the importance of looking both at the small details as well as at the overall experiences.

Why Alessandro Got Into Software Development

Why Alessandro Got Into Software Development

After his relocation to Amsterdam, Alessandro worked on the inside mechanisms of all the cells that make up the brain. He studied what makes them communicate with each other. Understanding how neurons send signals to one another and how those signals are made was also a part of his research. 

Living in a world where we rely heavily on computers, from going to work, to listening to music and doing necessary calculations, Alessandro found himself tired to repeat the same steps in his analysis protocol. So, he learned how to code, and a new world opened in front of his eyes. On his website, you can have a look at his ImageJ packages for neurobiology analysis.

Alessandro Moro's Podcast About Neurobiology

Alessandro Moro’s Podcast About Neurobiology

And if you think that’s fascinating wait until you hear what he does now. He’s in Amsterdam, where he decided to settle for a little bit longer. And he plays keyboards in a progressive pop band called Fall in Time (which might have had something to do with this decision).

There are so many people in the world who don’t have the opportunity to study and learn what they love. Alessandro likes to emphasize he’s happy not to be one of them. 

The duty of scientists is to break the crystal palace of the lab and to bring science to the world.

He had an opportunity to learn so much about the brain from so many professors around the world. It is something he will always be grateful for.

And this guy never stops! He even started a podcast about neurobiology with two friends and former colleagues. After all, the duty of scientists is to break the crystal palace of the lab and bring science to the world. Why are we keeping the wonders of science to ourselves? Why not share our passion with people that couldn’t study? These are only some of the questions constantly running through his head.

And What About Alessandro’s Digital Presence

And What About Alessandro’s Digital Presence?

Personal branding is everything these days, no matter your profession. If you want to make it, you need to build a strong online persona. Alessandro Moro did exactly that – his online home speaks volumes about him both personally and professionally. And he also decided to make things even more personal by using a .ME domain, which further enhanced his branding efforts.  

Alessandro’s website is a true reflection of his personality – creative but simple, well-organized, carefully designed, and informative. It provides all the information you might need if you want to find out more about him or the things he worked on.

Parting Words 

The importance of self-improvement (no matter how old you are) is something Alessandro understands very well. He knows he still has so much to learn, from neuroscience to music to industry. 

His commitment to projects, but also his curiosity will help him become a better scientist and a better version of himself. And we’re gonna be cheering for him every step of the way.

Nice work, Alessandro! We couldn’t be happier because you’re a part of the .ME team!


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