Art Passport to Protect Your Art Art Passport to Protect Your Art

What happens when high technology and love of arts meet? A new type of synergy and SaaS for the creation of “art passports”. That’s right. is an art startup with a one-of-a-kind validation system and documentary equipment. 

It’s the first platform of its kind created to support certification and management of artwork. Artists and art professionals finally have a tool for digitizing and cataloguing their works in a safe and intuitive way.

It all began as a vision of an innovative artisan startup Art Backers. The team wanted to support the work of artists and art professionals with developing technologies.

Their wish is to improve the art system and create tools that can protect artists and their art, as well as collectors and other art professionals from the art and culture sector. They want to promote the art market and transform it into a more transparent and more accessible world.

Art Rights is a tool for artists and art professionals for digitizing and cataloging their artworks in a safe and intuitive way.

Innovative blockchain technology and certification methodology enable traceability of art pieces, verification of their authenticity, and management of royalties for the right of use, sequencing, and ownership of the pieces of art.

The digital authenticity passport guarantees the entire value chain from artists, heirs, collectors, and galleries, to agents and certifying registers.


Art Rights platform offers three types of tools – ArtRights COA, Art Manager, and Art Concierge. The people working in the art sector get real value from all of the three tools and here’s what each of them includes.

ArtRights COA

Art Rights provide an easy-to-use system for the creation of Certificates of Authenticity (COA) necessary for the protection of artworks. The certificates can be checked, shared, and sold directly to other collectors and art professionals.

All this is possible thanks to the platform’s legal system compliant with Copyright Law, a network of verified users, and blockchain technology which ensures reliable data.

art rights COA

By requesting confirmation information from other validators or art professionals like curators, gallery owners, and museums, you create an Art Passport of your collection with legal value.

Also, users of the ArtRights COA service can become certified validators and earn an income by issuing confirmations for the authenticity, authorship, and provenance of works of art. Once you become a certified validator and join their community, you can earn money by validating other Certificates.

Art manager

Art Manager is another great tool for artists, collectors, galleries, and other institutions from the art and culture sector.

The Art Manager option allows the user to catalog an art collection and add an unlimited number of works. What’s more important, art professionals can manage their precious collections in complete privacy art manager

The platform’s security system of temporary permits enables art professionals to share their works with other professionals. 

A user can create their own archive and export COAs. Moreover, information on a piece of art such as condition report, insurance, and handling is put in a single practical and secure document which is created fast. 

Art Rights platform offers three types of tools – Art Rights COA, Art Manager, and Art Concierge.

The Cards or COAs of the works can then be used to request validations or price proposals for legal, insurance, transport, curation, and handling services.

Art concierge

Finally, there is one more option for art professionals to raise the value of their art. 

artrights art concierge

The system allows users to connect with notable art professionals to manage and increase the value of their art collections. Networking in the art sector is as important as in any other professional circle, and Art Rights knows that. By becoming a member, you have an opportunity to get in touch with one of the largest online professional art communities.

As the platform unites art professionals of all kinds, it gives users a chance to connect with gallery owners, museums, institutions, curators, critics, and others.


The tech that fuels the platform is innovative and follows all the privacy and security regulations

Since the platform is cloud-based, users don’t need to download software to use it. All it takes is login details. The system is based on Amazon Web Services protocols and standards which guarantees reliability.

Also, ArtRights guarantees its users that their data will not be shared outside of the platform. All users go through a verification process which uses advanced cryptographic systems, timestamp blockchain technology, and AI so that every participant’s data and interactions remain safe and secure.

Lastly, you can access the platform from any device including computers, tablets, and smartphones, whenever and wherever you want.

ArtRights online magazine and podcast

Additionally, the team behind ArtRights does great work on their online magazine and podcast. 

They provide insights into the art world and interviews with art professionals. Also, aspiring artists and art collectors can find advice and useful resources to help them strive.


Potential users have the chance to experience the platform through a 15-day free trial, no credit card required.

There are three basic modules, and they differ in price: ArtRights for artists; Art Rights for collectors; and ArtRights for gallerists.

The platform is cloud-based, reliable as it’s based on Amazon Web Services protocols and standards, and uses advanced cryptographic systems, timestamp blockchain technology, and AI for user verification.

An annual subscription is also an option that allows you to pay a slightly lower price. Most importantly, it provides you with all-inclusive access to all ArtRights services.

Art professionals, institutions, and art service companies have slightly different pricing plans which include advanced options such as customized services and features.

ArtRights Online presence

Unquestionably, the team behind this artisan startup is aware of the importance of online presence for their project. As their platform leverages cutting-edge technology like the cloud, blockchain, and AI, being available online is only logical. A SaaS like ArtRights serves art professionals and easy and intuitive access is a part of their service.

why is online presence important

Another thing that they promise is privacy and security, and that’s one of the reasons why they chose a safe and secure .ME domain name.

Also, the .ME in the domain name creates a perfect call to action. It tells the user that it can help them protect THEIR art rights. Consequently, the domain name which is their brand name becomes easy to memorize and recall, and to recommend for that matter.

The website checks all the other boxes of a great website as well:

  • The story about their beginnings and vision so that the visitors can get acquainted with the brand,
  • The links to socials and contact information so that one can find out more about them and get in touch through a channel they prefer (and over 10.6k Instagram followers by the way),
  • The magazine section with fantastic resources, information, and news from the art and culture world so that the audience can get additional value from the brand, 
  • The same visual identity across channels, 

And more.

All in all, art services are evolving with their users and technology. And the one place where you simply have to be if you’re providing a service like this is online.

To sum up

The technology of today gives artists and art professionals a chance to digitize their work. The art digitization process and the creation of Art Passports is a practical and easy way to protect and validate works of art. 

Thanks to the digital form and the ArtRights.ME platform, the art sector gets certificates that are easy to share with others safely and securely.


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