Attachments.Me Adds Egnyte and Updates its iPhone App

Attachments.Me Adds Egnyte and Updates its iPhone App, a popular service which helps you save your Gmail attachments to Google Drive, Dropbox and Box account, now supports Egnyte, which combines cloud and local storage. On’s blog, CEO Jesse Miller explained why they chose to Egnyte:

Egnyte offers a secure, enterprise friendly, hybrid cloud solution that powers over 30,000 businesses. Their recent integration with Google Docs offers an enterprise security layer on top of Google’s document storage offering for Egnyte’s many Google Apps enterprises. With our integration, those businesses can now bring Egnyte right into their Gmail experience.

This new update will enable users to send their attachments directly from Gmail to Egnyte and to share them through You will be able to use all your stored files from Egnyte while composing an email, and if you want your email attachments synced to Egnyte automatically, you can easily set it up using automatic filtering rules. For now, Egnyte is available in their Chrome and Firefox extension, iPhone application and website.

Sweet Spot Between Cloud Storage and Email

TechCrunch’s autor Frederic Lardinois talked to CEO Jesse Miller, who “believes that his company’s sweet spot is in managing the connection between cloud storage and email”: started out as a discovery solution for attachments, but the team quickly realized that people want to stop using their inbox as a storage solution, so helping them move their attachments to the cloud – where they are already managing many of their files – was the logical next move.

The company also announced a new iPhone application today that makes it easy to email files in bulk from multiple folders and cloud storage providers, all from your mobile device. It features a streamlined user interface and will allow you to pick multiple files and quickly share them.

Attachments.Me Keeps Growing

Miller also noted that, according to the Harvard Business Review, the company spend the equivalent of 111 workdays dealing with email in one year. In the last year they have seen 591% user growth, and are now moving upwards of 3.2 million attachments into cloud storage a month.

Lardinois from TechCrunch concluded:

The company now handles about 130,000 attachments per day and has over 280,000 registered users. For the longest time now, Miller said, Dropbox has been the dominant service for, but Google Drive is starting to catch up. The most active users, however, are on Box.

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