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Attachments.Me Gets a New iPhone App, Transfers More Than 1.5 Million Attachments

By Nikola Krajacic, September 5, 2012

Attachments.Me is a free web service which will help you with managing your email attachments. Recently they’ve released some great features like automatic filing, integration with and an iPhone application which we featured earlier.

Their app just got redesigned, right about when Attachments.Me transferred more than 1.5 million attachments into various cloud storage services. If you haven’t realized it yet, Attachments.Me redefines how email attachments should work with cloud services; instead of downloading them and re-uploading into a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive or, Attachments.Me will transfer them directly into your cloud storage (and then you can download them locally).

What’s New?

The app now has a much better interface, but there are some new functionalities as well. Attachments you receive in your emails are now displayed in the context of the mail you received, so you’ll know exactly which attachments are in a relation with which email message.

This refreshed app will also allow you to search through all your old attachments, send them into the cloud service of your choosing or simply forward them to another person. This is very usable in situations where you might be reading your email on your iPhone; just save the attachment in the cloud and it will wait for you on your computer, locally.

Redesigned application

For a long time iPhone users have been raging at Apple because you can’t attach a file from email compose screen. Attachments.Me allows you to compose emails and attach files which are stored in your favorite cloud storage service, as long as it’s Dropbox, Google Drive or

Reinventing the Cloud

Using Attachments.Me will also save you a lot of bandwidth; managing files directly in the cloud is much more data friendly than downloading and re-uploading them. Actually, we’re quite happy to see that email, as a cloud service stays in the cloud completely! Cloud storage services are a great addition to email and attachments, so this is a win-win combination both for you as a user and everyone else involved with your attachments.

Of course, there’s this feature called Automatic Filing which you’ll love once you get a hold of it. If you love using filters in Gmail for sorting out your email inbox, you’ll love Automatic Filing. Simply create several filters and rules and attachments you receive will automatically be saved in specified Dropbox folders. Bills will be saved into a ‘bills’ folder, videos into a ‘videos’ folder etc.

If you haven’t already, try out Attachments.Me and download their new iPhone application.


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