Miranda Levy a writer and an event planner

Have you ever thought about the qualities a person should possess in order to become a good writer? It goes without saying that creativity, curiosity, and eloquence are among the most desirable traits if somebody wants to earn their keep as a content creator. And what about an event planner? You need to be astuff

Phi Nguyen data scientist personal website

To all of you who are not into science, and kinda think that science is boring – wait up! Phi Nguyen is about to change your mind. If asked ‘What is data science?’, a few people will know the answer off the top of their heads. This is surprising since we’re constantly bombarded with phrasesstuff

meet jon acuff a public speaker you'll truly love

Have you ever met someone who managed to change your life? Someone whose words touched, moved, affected, or provoked you to such extent that you were willing to change some deep-rooted behavioral patterns that were only holding you back? Someone who inspired you to become a better version of yourself? One of such people isstuff

lukas muller an electrical engineer student who loves AI

Do you know anyone who is an electrical engineer? Or maybe you are the one who’s into engineering?  Without electrical engineers, we wouldn’t have any way to develop, test, and manufacture various electrical equipment that is now an integral part of our lives. As engineers handle everything – from electrical components used for personal devicesstuff

ben pawsey importance of sustainable design

We’ll get straight to the point. With the looming ecological impact of climate change, designers who have sustainability in mind are more important than ever. It’s easy to see that design can have an impact on the whole process of many businesses and even industries. After all, everything starts with a design. A designer choosesstuff

nthabi kamala an activist and strategist rolled into one

Have you ever wondered who are the people who have changed the world? What are they like? How do they do it? Where do they find the strength and courage to raise their voice and openly criticize well-established patterns, opinions, and attitudes? One of those people is Nthabi Kamala – an activist, leader, and astuff

dunked.me helping you create an online portfolio

Have you ever tried to create an online portfolio? If you have, then you know that it can be a time-consuming and somewhat challenging task. This is especially true if you’re not into coding and similar technicalities.  On the other hand, finding a proper ready-made portfolio designed to your liking could easily turn out tostuff

restory.me marketing approach that moves people

Marketing is everything – the way you market your business will make or break your enterprise. Having a unique marketing approach is what sets you apart from everybody else. No matter what your product or service is, you need a clever marketing campaign to attract the right customers and to keep them coming back.  Youstuff

Acte.ME Making Your Dreams a Reality

When you hear the words design agency what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Is it a graphic design? Illustrations? Or merch design, at best? What if we told you that there are design agencies that are willing to take things further. To bring something new to the market. To join photography, paintings,stuff

From Idea To Startup - Software Engineer Gianluca Colaianni

Are you at the start of your software engineering career and looking for some advice to get things rolling? Or perhaps you are toying with an idea and thinking how to go from idea to startup? One of the members of our .ME community is the person you should definitely talk to.  Gianluca Colaianni fromstuff

BitsaboutMe Your right to data privacy

Ever since we started creating our digital identities, data privacy has been a notion under the spotlight, often alluded to but rarely fully guaranteed. As data volumes continue to grow, information manipulation, misuse, or loss are the problems we face on a daily basis. Hackers, fraudsters, governments, businesses, and organizations tend to violate our rightstuff

SaferMe virus management solution company

Saying that businesses worldwide have been going through a rough patch due to COVID-19, would be an understatement. And rightly so. After more than a year of fighting the pandemic, businesses are realizing that they need to change their approach and find a better virus management solution. Around the world, manufacturing and service industries arestuff

A personal portfolio of a techie with a passion for art

Children are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. While their answers range depending on the main influences in their lives, it is clear their “career choices” are rarely guided by economical gain.  In our youth, we often imagined our professional lives in more simplified terms. During our academic years, manystuff

Benjamin Leon from BenLeon.Me an Illustrator, artist and a freelancer

Not so long ago, we were strolling through the internet realm when a curious thing caught our eye. A personal portfolio of a prolific illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. Sure, we weren’t so graceful expressing our happiness for noticing that Ben Leon has chosen .ME for his online home. But who could blame us? Afterstuff

tabletales.me culture cookbook and taste of Abu Dhabi

Cookbooks are arguably among the most favorite reading materials, found in almost every home. They are cherished and never go out of fashion, often passed from one generation to another. However, when you add personal stories from people of different nationalities living in one city to the recipes, you get a timeless piece that contributesstuff

Meet Ina Up-and-coming costume designe

Ever wondered who has put all that work in dressing actors in movies and tv shows? The person behind all those beautiful, funny, or elegant costumes is? Who is the one who helps add some color to your favorite hero or villain? Costume designer is there to make movies, TV shows, and commercials come alivestuff

mobaker.me the art and science of cooking and photography

Cooking is an art and a science, and food photography and styling is a medium for sharing all the artfully prepared meals with the rest of the world. And not just the meals, but also the passion and joy of doing what you love the most. Morgan Walker a.k.a Morgan Baker from MoBaker.me is astuff

meet chris messina a product hunter to keep an eye on

You know how there are people, called talent hunters, who have sort of a sixth sense when it comes to discovering future movie or pop stars? Or those who spend their afternoons on a football field or a basketball court, hoping to spot the next Messi or Magic Johnson? Well, there are also people who arestuff

remotify.me remote job board for it professionals

Remote work has been on the rise in the past decade and the global COVID-19 pandemic has speeded up this transition even more. In September 2020, Enterprise Technology Research surveyed around 1,200 chief information officers (CIOs) coming from different industries and companies around the world. Their estimate is that the percentage of permanent remote workersstuff

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