Backorder a Domain Name You Really Want and Get It ASAP

Have you ever wanted a domain name that was already taken by someone else? I’m sure you have. The only problem was quite obvious; it was taken and you must wait for the domain to expire (and not get renewed) to get it.

Of course, you can schedule a calendar event for that. One, two or even more (up to 10) years into the future. Or you can use backordering, which is supported by almost every domain name registrar.

What Is Domain Backordering?

Domain backordering is a service offered by most domain name registrars, which allows you to register a domain name that will soon be expired. Backordering is useful because you might not be the only person interested in a domain name. I should note that backordering a domain name is not a guarantee that you’ll get your desired domain upon expiration; it is only an attempt of the registrar to get it for you.

However, not all domain names can be backordered. A domain name could be renewed before the expiration date or they can be in HOLD status waiting for a settlement of some sort.

How To Setup Domain Backordering?

The process itself is very easy and it’s similar to the domain name registration process. First, you need to determine what domains will expire in the next few days. That should be easy for you to do because most of the domain registrars have a list of about-to-expire domains on their homepage.

Backordering a domain name is easy

When you choose a domain for backordering, it’s time to actually place a backorder request. This must be done before the domain expires, of course. When you place a backorder request, your domain registrar will then try to grab that domain as soon as it drops. Easy, huh?

What If Someone Else Backorders the Same Domain?

Some domain names may be more popular than others and more people might request a backorder. If that happens, the domain name will go into a private auction for three days and only those who placed a backorder request on the domain will be allowed to bid on it. Then it’s all up to you and how much money you’re willing to spend.

The backorder must be placed with the registrar who successfully grabbed the domain. Of course, if you’re lucky enough, you might be the only one who placed a backorder and thus instantly become the new owner of the desired domain name.

How Much Will Backordering Cost You

backorder-1 will backorder domains for you

Domain name backordering is mostly free. Although, that only goes for backordering requests, while registrars do have their own fees for successful domain grabbing. You only pay for a domain once the registrar secures it for you.

If the domain name goes into the auction, then you’ll pay for it if you win the auction, which can be done by placing the highest bid. Be careful with bidding, as prices may go up to several thousands of dollars and more! Have you ever backordered a domain name before or will you try to get one now?


Nikola Krajacic

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