Balate Beer: A Beer Lover’s Fantasy

Balate Beer: A Beer Lover’s Fantasy

We’ve written about one of the greatest life-potions you can find: coffee, but the other one that is just as popular and universally loved is most definitely beer. Beers come in all sorts, from regular lagers like Heineken and Stella Artois, to more extravagant craft beers that can really be as versatile as the people who brew them want them to be. There’s been an insane amount of small breweries on the market in the recent years, and we believe that you could taste a new beer every day for years and you still wouldn’t even come close to tasting them all. The brewery we’d like you to pay special attention to is Balate.ME, and it comes from Catalonia!

When it comes to the recent brewing trends, there’s a lot to process. Beer enthusiasts generally like to say that there’s a type of beer for everyone, and it’s extremely hard to find a person who doesn’t like any beer, because of the sheer variety of beers you can come across. From the fruitier Belgian ales to the dark stouts and Irish Pale Ales, it’s up to you to choose which beer will you try out next. Beer is a serious business, too, and don’t let the stereotypes fool you: there’s a lot of beers that are just as premium as the best wines!

Balate is a small brewery that originates from the south of Spain and is closely connected with the rivers and the waters there. Waters actually serve as an inspiration for many of the company’s beers, and every recipe that Balate is named after a river: Ter, Nil, etc. It’s this connection with tradition and nature that allows for this small brewery to produce exceptional beers, while also having a great and striking design that is inspired by the Meditteranean sea and its waves.

A Beer For Every Season

When it comes to the actual beers that the brewery makes, there’s a lot for you to choose from. With three year-round beers that the brewery is famous for, there’s always a seasonal beer or two to enjoy during a limited time, and perhaps you can get a glimpse of a limited edition beer that is just made for someone’s exclusive needs.

What’s strange, and rather unique when it comes to beers, is that Balate bottles aren’t transparent. Actually, they’re a deep black color with only the company’s logo in front and a small piece of paper that hangs from the neck of the bottle. This design is extremely striking and intelligent and makes you want to take the bottle home once you’ve finished your beer because it’s so unique. Personally, I’d like to see more of these types of unique bottles and approaches, simply because there’re too many beers that are forgetting the packaging and focusing more on the liquid itself. That’s a great thing, but some eye-candy is great too. One more thing is that this unique approach is instantly rememberable, and the brand itself gets beneath your skin so you’ll always think Barate when you see a dark bottle. This is some quality branding right here!

Awards That Demand Respect

Balate is not some gimmick, either. The brewery has a few awards behind it, namely both a silver and a gold medal from the International Concours de Lyon, awarded to their Ter and Nil beers. Considering that this exhibition is one of the best in Europe, a gold medal there means that the beer is really, really good. But don’t take our word for it, try it out if you have the chance!

And if you don’t find it in your local beer shop, you shouln’t be worried because there’s always the web shop that is integrated into the site. Ordering beers online is no new thing, and if you haven’t tried this approach, we encourage you to do so. There you can always buy all the beers that the brewery has to offer, as well as some other memorabilia that you might find interesting, so there’s really no excuse not to try these award-winning beers, no matter where you are. And while you’re shopping at the Balate online shop, feel free to become a member of the Balate Club. This gives you some pretty unique possibilities, that include discounts on all the beers the brewery sells, access to the monthly Experimental Box that gets you the opportunity to taste some of the beers the Brewery makes in only a limited number, and even a guided tour of the Brewery, situated 25km from Barcelona! Let’s face it: who wouldn’t want to go around a brewery, tasting and looking at all those beers…

Balate is surely a brewery that has its online presence figured out, and that’s partly what makes us so impressed with it. By mastering the art of branding, this small Spanish brewery has managed to do great things both online and offline, starting from the mentioned web shop and loyalty club that allows you to have even more insight into the brewery’s offline doings, and with that they’re approached the international markets in a new and exciting way. 

Balate beers certainly have a lot going for them, and with the awards they won, we can certainly say that the Balate beers are one of the best in Europe. A truly one of a kind opportunity for any beer lover!


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