Balkans TechCrunch Meetups: Don’t Miss It!

Balkans TechCrunch Meetups: Don’t Miss It!

We are thrilled to announce that Balkans TechCrunch Meetups is happening right now! Netorcatic/Netokracija is the organizator of this great event in four cities: Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. The lecturer of the  Meetups is John Biggs, the best known as  the East Coast Editor of  TechCrunch. Did We get your attention? Excited? So are we!

Who, Where and When?

TechCrunch Meetups are being held this week, from July 1st to July 5th. This will be a great event for all of you who are interested to hear and learn more about TechCrunch, startups, financing and generally about the entrepreneurship. John Biggs, the editor of TechCrunch will be in charge that you find out everything you are interested. The tour started on July 1 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The rest of the tour will continue in the following cities:

  •  Belgrade, Serbia, July 2
  •  Zagreb, Croatia July 3 
  •  Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 5

John Biggs will be presenting interesting lectures about topics related above and meet with the strongest representatives of startups in each country. This will be a wonderful opportunity for everyone who want the chance to present themselves in front of Biggs. This is definitely a great way to show what you’ve got and learn something new.

“These will be informal meetups where I’ll talk a little bit about TechCrunch and getting the attention of media outside your own country and we can talk startups, entrepreneurship, and funding all night long. “, said John Biggs.

I bet you are really excited now! This big event is crucial and important for the region, because it is showing growth of technological entrepreneurship. This Meetup is expected to be dynamic and encouraging to its  participants and visitors with plenty of new experiences. Everyone who will attend, will not gain anything less than that!

Pitch-Off For Success!

Now, something even more exciting! As you can see, we are bringing you nothing but good news today! The Netocratic team and Bulgarian accelerator Eleven will choose 5 startups. They will have a chance to pitch-off and show why they have been elected as the best fives. It also might led them to Disrupt Europe in September in Berlin. If you wish to apply, it can be done only on official TechCrunch web page and do it while there is still time! Good luck!

As we mentioned at the beginning, Netocratic/Netokracija is organizator of this big event, official smartphone of Meetup is Blacberry and official domain is Domain .ME! And yes, we are all very happy and excited about this week!

The Opportunity That Can’t Be Missed!

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to listen John Biggs and find out everything about his big experience with startups. We are sure you will learn a lot, maybe even be inspired how to gain the attention of media in and out of your country. Informal meetings will make sure that everything goes smoothly, with lots of fun, new friends and contacts that you will have a chance to meet there. Hope you will enjoy and find out everything you wanted to know about TechCrunch, startups and entrepreneurship!


Dora Jelaković

Our blogger Dora has graduated at the University of Zagreb, where she majored in Business Economy, department of Marketing. She is interested in Promotion, Creative strategies, traveling and writing in general.

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