Be The Crowd Behind Crowdfunding: Support IU.Me!

Be The Crowd Behind Crowdfunding: Support IU.Me!

Browsing through Kickstarter projects, we’ve stumbled upon a .Me startup that’s trying its luck crowdfunding. It’s called, it’s set on organizing your social media posts and favorites a little better so your followers can get to them quicker, and it could use a little push from the community – you. is basically a cloud service that brings together social networking, collaboration, organization and automation into a single platform that revolves around you and how you interact and collaborate with others.

It aims to do this by providing an of out-of-the-box tools that are immediately useful, like  SmartApps that can automate some of your daily activities. The founders describe it as an operating system in the cloud that brings you together with others to achieve common goals.

Microsites And Clouds is aimed at power users enables you to build your own Microsite, and customize it to better represent your brand, as well as to highlight the different content provided. This user can use the system to make different content forms, so your posts are not restricted to just text, links, images and videos. The microsite easily reachable with your own or mapped to your own domain name.

A Microsite can be many things – it can be as simple as your social networking page with your posts and few other information about you, or it can contain multiple pages with a custom theme.

This enables you to present structured content, like Recipes or Workout Exercises, in a multimedia enriched manner, avoiding “flattening” them into a simple text-and-picture post. You have complete control over the how they look in a post card and on a feed in a Microsite page (e.g. sorted, filtered, etc.).

Another feature of the system is the Cloud Instance, which allows you to collaborate with others to in managing your content, but it also provides additional tools like reporting, dashboards and workflow, data archival and different export features.

Just One Good Push! keeps everything in the cloud.

The majority of the platform has already been developed – the platform  is already in production in many global businesses. Thfunds raised with the Kickstarter campaign are allotted to

conducting wide scale stress testing, completing the online documentation and produce helper videos, covering the Amazon cloud hosting cost until becomes profitable and developing more SmartApps for the users.

The team behind has raised $20 000, and they have 14 days to reach their 50k goal – if their platform is something you’re interested in or would like to try out, show them some support.

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