Become Your Own Financial Manager with MoneyLover.Me

Become Your Own Financial Manager with MoneyLover.Me

Too much month at the end of money, and you don’t even know how it happened? Say hello to MoneyLover.Me: personal finance expense managing app that will make you find your money like a pro! I never have a clear idea where all my money went; despite all the bank and credit card bills, at the end of the month I can count only a few of all my expenses. Money management is a powerful habit, but it often takes a lot of time, especially if you never had a complete insight on your finances before.

And it’s pretty impractical taking notes on how the money was spent at the time of spending it –  if it’s not paying bills or buying something online, it can be really hard to keep track. But an end has come to poor money management: MoneyLover.Me has all you need to manage your money more efficiently!

First Steps Don’t Have to Be Hard if You Have the Right App

Having your own money and having control over it should make you more relaxed, not stress you out. When you first enter your MoneyLover.Me app, you need to create a Wallet: name it, choose a currency you are using and enter initial balance. Once you’ve created it, you are ready to enjoy all the intuitive and distinctive features there are and admire your skills. If you want, you can add one more wallet and transfer money between them. If you need to manage more than two wallets, think about upgrading to pro version where you can control an unlimited amount of wallets.

Manage Your Transactions Like a Pro

I usually try to document all transactions I made throughout the day, but I don’t always have enough time to write it anywhere at that moment, or memory to remember it after a long day. You know that feeling? Well, with MoneyLover.Me app, you don’t have to hassle with keeping a record of your expenses and income: just open app, enter a number and add a category! You can even take a snap and put a picture into the transaction details, and later you can add other details about the transaction, such as notes, location, event and people you were with.

Don’t hit yourself on the head for forgetting the things you planned that required some budget adjustments beforehand, schedule your future or recurring transactions, put a reminder and don’t be surprised with your upcoming change in the budget! Bills Manager feature helps you to monitor your repetitive bills, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them – you can put a reminder before or at the due date.

Start Saving!

Once you’ve learned how to track your spending, make budgets for individual categories or all categories in the wallet. Making a Budget will control your spending on different categories and notify you of the remaining amount left, or overspent if you are going to exceed your budget. You can make individual and family budgeting for all spending or each category you put limits on.

You finally want to start saving for the future or buy something new? You can create Saving Plan in which you can deposit or withdraw any amounts. Money in saving plan is not counted in the balance, so you won’t notice it’s presence thus it will be more secure!

View Reports, Make a Backup, Ensure Your Privacy…

To make all your management discipline best visible, you can enjoy visual reports that you can export and share in the form of a monthly report at the beginning of each month. And to make sure you don’t lose your data, you can safely sync it to Cloud service, and the App will do an automatic backup that links to Dropbox. If you want to ensure your privacy you can put PIN protection on your App… So, this App contains everything you need to master money management skills (except the money, that’s only on you)!

Maybe it would be best for you to explore all those features and more now and decide for yourself! The app is available in 19 different languages – and it was translated by the users! Don’t wait, download MoneyLover.Me for iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as your Windows desktop as well!


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