Beem.ME: Augmented Reality For Engaging Communication

Beem.ME: Augmented Reality For Engaging Communication

Lately, you probably took part in video calls or listened to some sort of online courses and/or presentations. And you will probably agree that it isn’t the same as face-to-face. Something always seems to be missing.

Now imagine if you could actually beam your collocutors into your room or terrace using a hologram. This is exactly what you can get from Beem.ME

Beem is an Augmented Reality tool that creates greater intimacy in digital communication. It is the easiest way for real people to communicate in Augmented Reality. Looking at an empty space in your room and issuing the voice command; ‘Beem Grandma’, and a real-time stream of grandma will appear in your space, digitally present. And it doesn’t end there.

So let’s see what Beem is all about!

From Science Fiction to Reality

Imagine you can have a conference speaker in your kitchen. Or a model showing you a jacket from a new collection right in front of you in your living room. Or an expert showing you a product you are interested in, while you drink your coffee in PJs asking them all you wanted to know and getting answers straight away? And what if we told you that you are able to stream stand-up comedy shows and music performances directly into the space of your home, on your carpet? Or your fitness instructor on your terrace with a view?

There is a tool that can do all of that. Beem uses the power of augmented reality to make digital communication more engaging, lifelike, and real

Now think of all the ways you can promote your business and present your products or services to your customers using a hologram! But before we get into that, let’s take a closer look at how Beem came to be. 

Overcome The Gap In Digital Communication With Augmented Reality 

First things first. Recently, face-to-face interaction diminished due to the pandemic. On the other hand, digital communication has tremendously increased. Patterns of digital communication have changed substantially. With reduced opportunities to spend time together, we turn to the virtual world. On the other hand, certain groups were at risk to be disconnected from social interactions due to a lack of access to digital support. 

So, what exactly do people resent about digital communication? Clearly, it is easier to communicate and establish an emotional connection face-to-face. There is less ‘communication noise’ and more intimacy, involvement and understanding. So how can we keep the best of face-to-face communication while still communication through an online realm? Augmented reality can be the answer.

Augmented reality is engaging, global and easy to use.

As Janosch Amstutz, CEO of Beem, explained in his TEDx talk

“The way we communicate digitally needs to evolve in order to satisfy human expectations. The key focus needs to be placed on how the information is received by our subconscious (…) and the best way to do this is to mimic the way we have interacted with each other for over a millennium by putting people digitally or physically present in the same space.

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Evolving Platform In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Humanity went through three industrial revolutions that have changed our lives. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is by far the most influential chapter in human development. The Fourth Industrial revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live and work. But not only that. It makes us rethink our physical and digital worlds and see new opportunities in being inclusive and helping everyone. 

The speed and depth of 4IR mean more than just technology-driven change. It exceeds the digital sphere and encompasses people’s everyday lives. New concepts, like metaverse (a 3D virtual universe focused on social connection) will also be shaped by technological advances. And metaverse is where we will use our digital personhood and all our digital belongings in global connectedness.

Beem is an augmented reality platform that provides an easy way for people to communicate in augmented reality.

Beem is a platform for Augmented Reality experiences that provides an easy way for people to communicate in Augmented Reality. Advanced hologram communication serves as a bridge between digital and face-to-face communication. Distance ceases to be an obstacle. You only need a smartphone and two minutes. When you film yourself and send the clip or livestream, your contacts can watch you in augmented reality using their phones. People feel that you are really there for them – no matter if it is just a conversation, online shopping, or a lecture.

How Did Beem Develop?

Beem gave people the opportunity to travel the metaverse

As Andrew R. Chow said in TIME’s newsletter Into the Metaverse

“Many people see the metaverse not as one unified world, but a scenario in which we will be able to seamlessly bring ourselves and our stuff — from fashion to art to spending money — with us from platform to platform. The ideas of digital sovereignty and interoperability are key.”

Beem is definitely an effective way to bring yourself and your brand to your target audience and connect with them.

From attracting enterprise-level clients, Beem’s strategy was to add the general public and medium-sized businesses to their base of users. Intuitive, scalable MVP application with strong UX has been continuously updated and extended until it finally succeeded. 

Janosch Amstutz, CEO and founder of Beem told us one gripping story in an interview for Esquire Singapore. After his mother passed away, Janosch realized how finite our time on this planet is. Therefore “if you want to achieve something, you shouldn’t wait.” That’s what motivated him to start Beem – a desire to find a new method of capturing moments. 

So Janosch founded Beem in 2017. Since then, the company has been achieving its goals and mission in this emerging industry. The immersive and personalized experiences it enabled made a great impact for decades to come. Beem went all the way through different stages of development to achieve cooperation with world-renowned brands. Just to mention featured work such as: Vogue Singapore, Carolina Herrera, TEDxHult London, Unilad x Lynx, Edgbaston, Elle x Philips, and many more. 

Another project Beem can truly be proud of is the world’s first real-time AR fashion show. It was done in collaboration with London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency at the start of London Fashion Week 2019.

What Precisely Does Augmented Reality Mean for Your Business? 

So how can you use augmented reality? You don’t need expensive equipment. You can simply use your phone to create live Q&A, host a live product demo, or create an event in AR. And in which industries can this platform be applied? There are numerous niches where you can implement Beem. To name just a few – fashion industry, E-commerce, education…

What sets Beem apart from similar platforms? You are able to tell your story in the customer’s environment. But can you talk to a hologram in real-time? Yes, and this means a lot of exciting opportunities for your business! Live human hologram with two-way audio is a big step forward in digital communication.

Interaction with products that offer AR experience leads to 94% higher conversion rates.

On that account, we can’t help but ask – what would the AR market look like in the future?

Well, according to Snap Consumer AR: Global Report 2021

  • more than 100 million consumers are shopping with AR, 
  • 94% of them agree they’ll use AR the same or more when shopping next year, and 
  • AR is generally perceived as a “toy”, but 
  • 76% of people expect and desire to use it as a “tool”. 

To a greater extent, interaction with products that offer AR experience leads to 94% higher conversion rates. On top of that, it is expected that nearly 75% of the global population and almost all smartphone users will use AR frequently by 2025.

Summing Up

And that’s what Augmented Reality can mean for brands and businesses. Are you a business owner looking to communicate your brand in the metaverse? Well, then you should know that using a human hologram in your campaign can really make a splash!

And opportunities are endless. Just think of the entertainment industry! You can host live events or record and send Beems no matter where you are. Music artists can promote their singles and participate in music collaborations around the globe. TikTokers can get closer to their audience. And podcast episodes can be more lively and appealing when streamed this way. 

To conclude with Amstutz’s own words: 

“It never made logical sense to separate technology from the real world; why look at a digital map when trying to navigate around a real space; why restrict experiences to small screens?”


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