Better You in 2014: The Best Apps to Help You With New Year’s Resolutions

Better You in 2014: The Best Apps to Help You With New Year’s Resolutions

First of all, happy New Year! The 2014 is upon us. As the clock struck midnight, a lot of us engaged in some serious retro- or introspection. Unfortunately not all of us are like the late Nelson Mandela and sometimes we need that reminder to change a few things around and within us. New Years resolutions are very popular, but sticking with them sometimes proves to be harder than we expect. So, to help you in keeping those resolutions, we present the best New Year resolution apps that will help you become a better person. Or at least they will try, the main task is still up to you. Let’s start the countdown.

Develop a Habit – 21 Habit

21 habit

They say that it takes 21 day of continuity of doing something to make it a habit. 21 Habit allows you to set your goal and track your progress for 21 days. There is no monetary obligation in free mode, but in committed mode, you invest 21$ toward challenge. Each day you succeed, you get 1$ back and when you don’t 1$ goes to charity.

Shed Off Extra Weight – Lose It!

lose it

Essentially a calorie tracker with an elegant interface. Lose It! has category based goals, customizable challenges, optional social links for peer support and database for thousand restaurants, grocery stores or brand name foods. Free version covers essentials, but premium will support compatible fitness devices and add more health metrics.

Eat Better – Fooducate


If you don’t want to loose weight, but you do want to eat healthier, Fooducate is the right (free) app. It allows you to scan product barcodes to conjure grades that go from A to D and all +/- versions in between. They are based on an algorithm developed by nutritionists and dietitians. It basically tells you what is actually in the stuff that you are buying.

Get Into Shape – MapMyFitness


Although glancing at the home screen you may think that this is running app (it does provide excellent jogging routes in any city), MapMyFitness tracks over 600 different activities. From dog walking to weight lifting to ballroom dancing, it covers and tracks them all. It also allows you to log in foods and create goals, so your getting into shape gets even better.

Stop Smoking – Cessation Nation

cessation nation

Smoking is a bad habit and you should quit, New Year or not. Cessation Nation is a great starting point. It will track your time and money that you saved by not buying a pack of cigarettes, but it will also track your health improvements day by day. If the craving for a cigarette hits you, play one of the four games in-app games.

Learn a New Language – Duolingo


Learning something new is always high on the resolutions lists, and language is always in top 3. Currently available for Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian, Duolingo gamifies language learning. Don’t be fooled, it is still a serious learning companion, but it’s fun to use. Quite catchy and you will ask for more, believe me.

Stay On Top Of Your Finances – Check


We wrote about Check about a month ago, but here is a quick reminder. It is free mobile app that will help you to keep track of your bills and finance. It will remind you for any payment and allow you to do them instantly. Sometimes getting your finances in order means simply paying attention to what is going on and that is exactly what it does.

7 helpful apps, for developing your 7 virtues. Hope you will try some of them, and that you will stick to your decision. At least until next New Year’s Eve, when it is time for some new resolutions.


Hrvoje Hrsto

Hrvoje is BA audio engineer graduate from SAE Institute in Ljubljana, currently freelancing and writing. His interests are music, television and all things geeky.

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