Brian Fung: Tech Reporter With Exceptional Flair

Brian Fung: Tech Reporter With Exceptional Flair

In a time where everything is tech-related, reporting accurately and informatively about technology, media, and policy is more important than ever. Knowledgeable and dedicated reporters are few and far in between, especially those who specialize in current affairs and technology. Enter Brian Fung, currently working for CNN this DC-based tech reporter has shown excellent instincts and dedication to journalism during his career. He has covered important topics with exceptional flair, displaying deep insight into current affairs, whether they’re tech-focused or tech-adjacent. So far, Brian’s mission has been to help explain the rise of new technologies and how they affect people’s lives.

Let’s get to know Brian a bit better and see if we can figure out what makes him tick.

Brian Fung Early Career

Brian Fung: Early career

Brian Fung graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in political science. He continued his education at The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Even in college, Brain had the desire to be a journalist. During his final year, he worked as an Editor-in-Chief for the Middlebury Campus newspaper. As well as the Editorial Researcher for Foreign Policy Magazine.

Right after obtaining his master degree, he interned for TMP Media. After that, Brian’s career set off.

Brian has covered important topics with exceptional flair, displaying deep insight into current affairs, whether they’re tech-focused or tech-adjacent.

Initially, Brian performed a variety of roles at Atlantic Media. There he worked as the technology correspondent for National Journal and an associate editor at The Atlantic. He covered a large number of different topics, mostly focusing on tech, politics, and the intersection of the two.

In 2013, Brain Fung began writing for The Washington Post as a technology and business reporter. He worked there for almost six years and wrote about the way technology shapes human experiences. Moreover, he covered landmark battles over internet policy and the rise of digital misinformation, and antitrust lawsuits like the US government’s case against the AT&T-Time Warner merger.

Brian Fung CNN reporter
Brian Fung’s personal website

The current fame – CNN

Brian’s engagement at CNN has marked the continuation of his greater focus on politics and policy. What’s more, a large portion of his articles has roots in tech and how technology affects the aforementioned topics and even humanity as a whole.

Brian appears to have a gift, to make complex concepts simple and understandable even by the average reader. His unique insight keeps the reader engaged and his writing style is clear, concise, and objective.  15 million unique annual readers are to confirm this.

Additionally, he’s not afraid to tackle even controversial topics, like Wikileaks, Amazon union policy, and former President Donald Trump’s ban from social media.

digital presence personal website

Digital presence

Looking at his body of work (which we’ll cover a bit later) and style, it’s clear that Brian Fung is a private person who values a minimalist style. So, what does a person like that do add a personal touch to his brand? Brian created a website that reflects his sleek minimalism with the help of a truly personal domain – the .ME domain.

His site shows his business side. It’s a single-page website, it’s professional, giving you exactly the information you need and not burdening you with excess information.

Body of work

Covering everything, something a reporter as prolific as Brian Fung wrote, would take up way too much space. So let’s check out some highlights and show you what he’s about as a journalist.

His work includes covering the case and extradition of Julian Assange, the public feud between Google and Microsoft, and the increasing threat posed by cyberattacks. Clearly, his customary professionalism and thoroughness was presend in all of these topics.

Brian covered the recent Epic vs Apple court battle that might remake the future of the digital economy.

Since he’s a bit of a gamer in his private life, it’s no surprise he’s the person to cover the recent Epic vs Apple court battle that might remake the future of the digital economy.

More recently, he wrote about the suspension of Donald Trump from Facebook, and the fact that the Facebook oversight board upheld the suspension – but with a caveat that the decision needs to be revisited in six months. Prior to that, he also covered his Twitter ban and the removal of his tweets from the social media platform.

Wrapping up

So, that concludes our profile of this amazing young reporter. It’s clear that Brian has a bright career ahead of him. As a consummate professional, he’s energetic and doesn’t shy away from difficult or controversial topics.

Considering just how information-dense our world is becoming, we need people like Brian Fung to parse the available information and present it in a way that even laypeople can understand.


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