A Perfect Place to Find Your Wedding Inspiration and Dress Your Bridesmaids A Perfect Place to Find Your Wedding Inspiration and Dress Your Bridesmaids

Saturday, a day for weddings- I bet there are thousands taking place today, on this wonderful sunny Fall afternoon. This is going to be a perfect day for those lucky couples walking down the isle, but organizing that one perfect day can be a stressful affair. You have to book a venue, caterers, a band or a DJ, there are flowers to arrange, invitations to be sent, cakes to be tasted, bridesmaids’ dresses to be chosen. Well, we can help with the last part and introduce you to an on-line service that makes choosing bridesmaids’ dresses so much easier. Brides-to-be, meet Brideside.ME, an online bridal resource which lets you shop for bridesmaids dresses, create and share inspiration boards  and catch up on the latest wedding trends.

The Story Behind Brideside.ME

As the best stories usually go, Sonali Lamba and Nicole Staple, co-founders of Brideside.ME met during their very first day of school- Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, to be precise. They became friends and bonded over the experience of being a bridesmaid– they were both at that age when every season is a wedding season and your every weekend is booked months in advance with a Save-the-date card.


Eventually, they came to Chicago, where their business is now based, and neither of them knew where to go to purchase the bridesmaid dresses that their bride-to-be friends had chosen with great care. In fact none of the members of the bridal party knew where to go and the question on everyone’smind was- “Shouldn’t I be able to do this online?”

In case you were wondering- yes, you should be! We live in a digital age and buying a bridesmaid dress should be only a few clicks away. This is what Brideside is all about- making this experience simple and enjoyable and providing you with tons of inspiration.

How It Works

I know we all sometimes hesitate when shopping for clothes on-line, and that is especially so if you are choosing gowns for your special day. Does the color of the dress really match the one on the screen? Sure, it looks good on a that model, but how will it look on me? Will it fit or will I have to rush to get it altered when the dress that I ordered arrives at the doorstep just a few days before the wedding?
Well, be assured that the girls at know what they are doing. The whole process is really simple and makes your life a lot easier.

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When you first sign-up for an account, you will be given a stylist who can help you through the process from start to finish. You and your bridesmaids can gather somewhere cosy, a glass of wine in hand, and browse through all the beautiful dresses.
Now, if you have a bit of a cynical mind like me, learning that you have the honor of being a bridesmaid raises mixed feelings. Sure, you are happy to have a special role in your friends’ special day, but still, you can’t quite banish the thought of yourself wrapped in the gaudiest puffiest neon meringue of a dress. Good news, future bridesmaids- that is not the kind of dresses Brideside offers.
Once you start browsing beutiful stylish dresses taht Brideside has to offer, you can easily determine your price range, select a few or all of the eight featured dress designers, choose your preferred colors (there are 18 listed and none of them is neon,phew!), length, neckline, silhouette, fabric,  and some other details as well.

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Have your heart set on several dresses and can’t make up your mind? Well, for $10 you can have up to three dress samples shipped to you so your bridesmaids can try them on and you can see them off the screen and on your friends. When you’re done trying on samples at home just drop them in the mail.

Get Inspired

Brideside is more than just an on-line store for bridesmaid dresses. There is a whole section devoted solely to inspiration for your wedding. You can see pictures from other weddings where Brideside dressed the bridesmaids, connect with other brides or check out their blog, Twitter or Facebook account for a steady feed of wedding ideas, stories tips and tricks.


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