Glide.Me: Broadcast Video Messages Via Your Smartphone

Glide.Me: Broadcast Video Messages Via Your Smartphone

Video chat has become the essence of communication today. It allows us to stay connected with others no matter where we are, or what time of day it is.  Every now and then we come across a new application that revamps the process and makes it even more emotional. This time we have something completely new for you – Glide.Me!

Glide.Me – Video Walkie-Talkie

With Glide.Me you can broadcast and receive video messages instantly. They can be played live or saved later, so it doesn’t matter if you are online or offline when the message comes. Respond however is determined by your availability. Besides messaging, there is also real-time chatting feature – no need waiting for videos to download or upload. You can chat one-on-one or start a group chat. Messages which you receive through Glide.ME are saved for later but they are not taking any extra space on your smartphone.

Why Glide.Me?

In case that the video chat is inconvenient, you can always send texts to your friends. Guys behind Glide.Me have made login possible via your existing Facebook account which makes it super easy to find friends. All messages sent with this application will stay private and nothing will be shared without permission.

Once you start using this app, you will find it’s fun and easy to use. The quality of the video is very good and calls won’t freeze or get dropped. I find this one of the best qualities about this application. It can be very annoying having lag during video chat, especially if the call is related to your work. Glide.Me sees this way of talking more personal and emotional than texting. As they say, nothing can be compared with face-to-face communication and that’s what makes this app so special.

That’s why we created Glide – the world’s first instant video messenger. It’s a revolutionary new way to stay in touch that combines the expressiveness of live video chat with the spontaneity of messaging.

This convenient app is worth trying. If you are not a big fan of texting, it will give you faster and better opportunity to stay in contact with your friends and family. Anytime. Anyplace.


Dora Jelaković

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