Everything You Need To Know About Children Blogging

Everything You Need To Know About Children Blogging

It seems like the time for raising children has never been so delicate. The times have definitely changed and things that were normal for our childhood, might not be normal now. And, of course, there is also Internet. There are no boundaries and almost every child has a direct approach to technology and Internet. That’s why we have decided to dedicate today’s article about children blogging. Read everything you should know about it as a parent and how to protect your child online.

Children Blogging: Yay Or Nay?

Be sure in one thing: children always have something to say. I find that to be one of their best qualities. The point of view about any situation through eyes of the children is priceless and should be appreciated. Expressing opinions and open minded way of thinking in kids age can be promising in their development.

These are just some of the reasons why you should allow your child to write a blog:

  • it is improving social skills of your child
  • it is developing computer and technical skills and knowledge
  • it is improving writing and communication skills
  • it is developing creativity

What’s important about children blogging is to encourage your kids not to be afraid to express what’s on their mind.  In writing blogs they should be theirselves, authentic, write what’s on their hearts and what’s most important, have fun.

Some children might be afraid that no one will read their blog. If you as an adult are part of some social network, you can post or tweet about your child’s blog and in that way help him or her gain some confidence, especially if you share it with friends who have kids too.

How To Protect Your Child On Internet?

children blogging

It may all look innocent and sweet, but kids should be supervised on Internet by their parents. They are not aware of the danger and have a tendency to give their trust to anyone. This is the part where you, in your role as a parent, should be strong and protective towards your child.

  1. Talk to your children and explain that there are people whose intentions towards them are bad. They should not trust anyone who is asking for private data and photos from your kids.
  2. Set up the rules. Never allow your child to share their full name, address, photos, school address or any other  personally identifiable information. All that should be strictly forbidden.
  3. Make sure their password is protected. There are many blogging sites that allows your child to stay private and share blog with trusted friends and family.
  4. Always check the blog before kids publish it. Regularly check all the comments, friends and other activities on your child’s blog.

When You Should Say No To Children Blogging?

If you notice that your child is acting secretly and mysteriously, it’s time to check what’s going on. If you find out that your child is writing a blog without your approval, with too revealing content, remember you are always within your right to say “No”. Don’t get distracted by nagging and promises of how “it will never happen again“. If you set up the rules about blogging, make sure kids are following them. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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