Ciara Green – A User Researcher And Anthropologist

Ciara Green – A User Researcher And Anthropologist

It is true that imagination will take you anywhere. But deep research paired with a distinct problem-solving approach will beyond doubt take you to the top. Zealous dedication, in-depth research, and superior analytical skills are what helped Ciara Green, a user researcher and anthropologist, reach vertiginous heights in her industry. 

Ciara’s achievements set her apart as a role model for many young business sharks looking to write their name across corporate skies. 

So, let’s see what she’s all about! 

Best Methods Meet User Research and Collaboration

Best Methods For User Research

With eight years of experience across different sectors, countries, and markets, Ciara is no stranger to deep research, problem solving, and innovation. In her own words, Ciara is always looking to merge the right selection of methods. This helps her teams find out all relevant details about the users and thus make research-backed decisions. 

With a master’s degree in digital anthropology, this user researcher has an impressive set of skills up her sleeve. Ciara uses these skills to run contextual research during different stages of the product life cycle. Her research arsenal includes in-depth interviews, ethnography, diary studies, usability testing, task analysis, tree testing, card-sorting, and line management. 

Additionally, she is passionate about close collaboration with cross-functional team members including product, data and engineering domains with a view to enabling adoption of data-informed, user-centered decisions.

Building Solutions from the Ground Up

How does Ciara go about creating her unique solutions? Well, first, she identifies the problem and opportunities for improvement and growth. To do this, she uses techniques such as quantitative methods, in-depth interviews, journey mapping, ethnography, card sorting, and diary studies. Ciara creatively tackles the issue at hand with strategies such as design workshops, rapid prototyping, scenarios, and business canvassing. 

Ciara creatively tackles the issue at hand with strategies such as design workshops, rapid prototyping, scenarios, and business canvassing.

Such a comprehensive approach allows her to create custom-tailored solutions for a wide range of problems. In the final stages of a project, Ciara conducts research to establish priorities for further qualitative research. Combined, the techniques she uses allow her to tap into problematic areas and come up with state-of-the-art solutions. 

In her career so far, Ciara has held a range of positions which made it possible for her to build a stack of skills and generate new ideas. Her resume features a lengthy list of research roles with reputed institutions, such as: 

  • Twitter
  • BBC World Service,
  • London’s Government Digital Service
  • UCL Global Social Media Impact Study
  • Turin’s Experientia
  • Bangkok’s Agoda

On top of that, she has created courses and mentored students during her role as a lecturer at Thammasat University in Bangkok. And she has authored several publications focusing on healthcare, user research data analysis, and user support by companies. 

A Case Study: Designing Healthcare Services For The Elderly

Now let’s take a closer look at how a user researcher solves a problem. One example we will explore is Ciara’s project in designing healthcare services for the elderly in Singapore!

This is how the whole process went. First, Ciara joined the team for analysis just as they returned to the design studio from fieldwork. She quickly immersed herself in the notes, photos and videos they had taken. Ciara and the team coded and affinity sorted the data into themes.

Then, Ciara compiled a set of 8 case studies based on displaying particular unmet needs when accessing healthcare. She then created customer journey maps for each case study. These maps highlighted problematic steps in the healthcare journey for elderly citizens. During the process, Ciara collected weekly feedback from the client to iterate and improve the maps. 

The team thus designed a new residential block for elderly. The residential block was completed, incorporating many of the concept ideas that were co-created in the workshops.

Ciara’s recommendations were integrated in the Government’s $3-billion Action Plan for Successful Ageing.

This way, Ciara developed concepts that were suited to the unique characteristics of Singapore. In the end, Ciara’s recommendations were integrated in the Government’s $3-billion Action Plan for Successful Ageing.

Sharing Her Knowledge And Insights

On top of her stunning accomplishments, Ciara has also held several public speaking appointments. These include her two appearances at the EPIC Conferences in Honolulu (2018) and University of Minnesota (2016). This is where she presented her research on a new government platform component and ethnography as the path maker to patient-centric care. 

She also presented her views regarding healthcare and wellness for the elderly at DesignSingapore Council (2015). And delivered a speech on research in agile at GDS at City University of London within HCID Open Day (2016). Last year, she also gave a lecture on user research as a guide for anthropologists during UCL’s Anthropology in the Professional World Seminar.

In her approach to problem-solving, Ciara relies on her experience and research skills, pairing that with collaboration with different team members. After a thorough research, she presents the findings to her multi-disciplinary teams and collate a custom-tailored solution for each identified issue. Ciara has also authored publications in several different areas. She has also ventured into lecturing and public speaking waters to help spread her knowledge, experience, and insights. 

Wrapping Up

Ciara Green, A User Researcher - Wrapping Up

Based on what she’s accomplished so far, we can only imagine what the future holds for Ciara Green. Without doubt, she will be able to reach new heights! 

In a world where problems are emerging across industries at every corner, Ciara is a professional user researcher with the right approach and tools to bring solutions. Her zealous commitment to growth stands as a lighthouse for her industry peers and generations to come. 


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