Cur.Me Is Fundraising For A (Chronic) Pain-free World!

Cur.Me Is Fundraising For A (Chronic) Pain-free World!

Tech. Hardware. Wearables. Health. I’m just naming a few hot trends here – the trends incorporated in one startup that’s recently launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Cur.Me, which sort of evokes a call to action “cure me”, does exactly that – it relieves your pain at least. This gadget uses TENS therapy, often used in medical clinics to treat stubborn types of muscle and joint pain. It’s a clinically proven, drug-free option that uses electrodes to relieve pain

So how does this work?

Pain is transmitted electrically by the body as nerve signals. TENS delivers gentle electrical pulses that inhibit these nerve signals to stop pain, and unlike pain medications, it won’t make you groggy. This is usually done by great big machines with loads of buttons and knobs, and Cur.Me is a simplified version of those systems that you can use at home.

Cur’s patented bio-sensing technology allows it to be the first over-the-counter product to deliver accurate TENS settings, its creators state.

How Did It Come To Be?

Shaun, the founder of Cur.Me, discovered TENS therapy due to his own chronic pain problems:

After years of debilitating pain, a family friend and physician introduced me to TENS therapy, a clinically proven, drug-free option that uses electrodes to relieve pain. I used it for months and loved how it gave me the ability to do all the things I wanted to do but was never able to because of the shooting pain in my lower back and wrist. It changed my life, but it wasn’t perfect. The TENS machine was clunky and people would always ask about the wires hanging from the back of my shirt. That’s why I felt the urge to work with my buddy Kevin McCullough, the most talented electronics engineer I knew, to create a product that would change the way 1 in 3 Americans live their lives. Together, we created Cur – the first smart pain relief wearable that uses TENS technology.

The team is set on helping people suffering from chronic pain, which often causes sensations of isolation, claustrophobia and crippling side effects.

Where Can I Get It?

Well, it’s still in the works, and the Cur.Me team has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for its development. You can participate in the campaign on their site, and be sure to read all the Terms of Service to see how this campaign works!


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