Cyberbullying and Children’s Personal Safety Online

Scope, Effects and Protection Steps

Bullying is not a new concept, but it was given new proportions by the rapid penetration of Internet technology. In recent years, cyberbullying has emerged as one of the greatest issues young people face online; an issue all the more pressing for the fact that it can take place anytime and anywhere.

Just a decade ago, an embarrassing incident or a leaked secret used to stay confined to the walls of our school or, in the worst-case scenario, our town. Today, with social media and messaging apps, our mishaps are out for the whole world to see.

Cyberbullying is not something we can or should expect young people to cope with on their own. On the contrary, we participants in online conversations should all do our part in raising awareness of poten­tial threats and educate them on how best to protect themselves online. Precisely that is the goal of this white paper.

This research-based white paper will tell you more about:

  • Cyberbullying as a global concern and its possible effects and consequences.
  • How to recognize cyberbullying and its victims.
  • Levels of protection that should be put in place to ensure healthier online environment for younger generations.

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