Deseat.Me Helps You Delete Unnecessary Online Accounts With Ease

Deseat.Me Helps You Delete Unnecessary Online Accounts With Ease

The Internet is a pretty vast and fascinating place, right? It’s made of millions upon millions of news websites, forums, personal websites, and over a million .ME sites, too. But did you know that the average person in the US has more than 130 accounts to their name? That’s 130 login screens, passwords, user names and email verifications.

This can be way too much, and you probably never use a lot of these accounts, aside from your social media, emails, and a few others. There’s really no need to keep all of the accounts you have stored throughout the years, but deleting them can be a pain. That’s where Deseat.Me helps you, by letting you get a list of all your accounts AND the links to delete them in one place.

You Might Be Compromising Your Security

Did you know that by having a boatload of accounts on all sorts of websites, you’re actually not doing your internet security a favor? If you have similar passwords on all of your accounts (all 130 of them), then you vastly increase the risk of losing your personal data, or something far more valuable, like your credit card number or more.

That’s because if hackers can somehow get into one of your accounts, and let’s remember that’s less than one percent of all the accounts an average person might have, they might find a way into all of your accounts. That’s a pretty scary thought, right? The worst part is that your data is most likely to be hacked from old and discarded accounts. They still have your name on them, and they’re still accurate, but you haven’t used them in years.

Of course, there’s also the problem of some online firms and companies being extremely careless with your personal information, says Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos. User data is extremely sensitive and needs to be stored securely to prevent break-ins, but some companies are failing to follow protocols from 30 years ago.

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Have You Tried A Password Manager App?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to use a good password manager app, like Dashlane or LastPass. These apps are made exactly for the kind of user that has a number of accounts with different passwords that need to be very strong, such as logins for your social media, your business emails or similar. By letting an app manage your passwords, you relieve yourself of the stress of remembering all those letters and numbers, or worse – writing them down and losing them.

We’d recommend using a password manager even if you’re only using a few different passwords, and we certainly won’t advise you to use one password across all of your accounts, that’s crazy. When thinking of a password, for example, think of these things:

  • It needs to be long

A password that’s 14 characters long would need somewhere around 811 trillion guesses to crack. It’s actually contrary to the popular belief that weird symbols make you safer when it’s actually sheer size of the password that’s the most important.

  • Use different versions of the same password

This way, you can remember the password more easily, while still adding that extra layer of uniqueness.

  • Don’t use your friends names, pets names and similar, please

If you post your dog’s name on Facebook, it’s probably the first thing I’d try as your password. Sorry, Sir Fluffersworth, it’s not your fault.


Sometimes You Need To Let Go

If you really don’t need more than a few accounts , you can use the tricks above to make some great long passwords. This still leaves you with a lot of accounts you might never use, and they really need deleting.

Luckily, Deseat.Me will do that for you, by giving you a list of any and all accounts you might have created over the years, and the option to delete them really fast. It does this by linking every account you have ever made, by probably using a really clever magic, to the delete pages of those sites.

This way, you can click on the sites you don’t want accounts on anymore, and you’ll be taken to their account deletion pages. Simple as that. Of course, the app doesn’t actually delete your accounts, but rather lets you do it because all of the pages you might‘ve created accounts on have all sorts of different procedures on how account deletion works there.

In the Internet world, less is truly more, and we advise you against having hundreds of accounts, passwords and similar, even if you do use a password manager app. It’s just that you increase the odds of something going wrong quite a lot by having hundreds of accounts, and you really shouldn’t risk that if you don’t absolutely have to.

Don’t worry, if you subscribe to the .ME newsletter, you won’t want to delete it ever! 🙂


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