4 Digital Destinations To Find Developers In 2016 – Easily

4 Digital Destinations To Find Developers In 2016 – Easily

You have a great idea for the web or a mobile app, but you don’t have the skills needed to develop them? No problem, just find a developer!

Since smartphones and tablets are the only technology devices showing significant growth of users in the last few years, according to Pew Research Center, IT companies are craving for good developers. And with 2015 being the beginning year of The Age of Unicorns, more and more startups need great developers too. Every startup today depends on its developers, so finding a developer that will come up with innovative ideas to solve possible problems that may show up on the startup’s road to success is of the utmost importance.

There are about 18.2 million software developers worldwide, and a 45% increase is expected by 2019, says Evans Data Corp. in its latest Global Developer Population and Demographic Study. So, If you have a million dollar idea, don’t worry – with that numbers, you will find a developer! But finding a competitive developer that has the skill set you are looking for can be really time-consuming, and you don’t want to lose more time on finding someone than on developing the idea. So, to help you be more productive, we bring you four best ways to find a developer:

LinkedIn: The Obvious Choice

Where to look for developers first if not on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members? The first step is usually going through your connections, looking for a developer, or someone you know who may know one. But not everyone there is looking for a job, so you have to be competitive and know what and how to offer.

For that to work, you can always use Linkedin’s recruiting tool, Recruiter – you just type what you need in the search bar and refine your search to the finest details, until you find a match! But make sure you are not doing any of the Linkedin recruiting deadly sins!

Twitter: Where Developers Tweet

If you are serious about recruiting, you should be on Twitter too. Besides the socialtalents’ 9 Twitter accounts every recruiter should follow in 2016 that give you valuable information on how to recruit, you can also find developers. Your tweet should have appropriate hashtags, like #hiring and #softwareengineer, and you should be ready for all the responses you are going to get. Or, if you have millions of followers, hashtags aren’t that necessary, you can just do it like Elon Musk did last year:

Stack Overflow: The Global Developer Community

Stack OverFlow is a community with over 4,7 million developers who exchange programming knowledge over a sophisticated Q&A platform. The Stack Overflow Careers blog is your go-to place for everything involving recruiting the best tech talent. There are more than 25 million developers in their community, and 90% of world’s developers visit Stack Overflow every month. Looking for a developer there gives you the opportunity to see how much your potential employees knows about the skills you need through their „reputation“ amongst other developers.

BuildItWith.Me: The Specialized Tool

And if you already have a design for an idea and you need a developer, but you are not necessary paying someone to help you develop it? Try BuildItWith.Me! It focuses on connecting two or more people with different skills, so they can build and make an idea real, or as Crunchbase described it: „tool that connects design & development entrepreneurs“.

Just make an account and start a project, specify platform and the development traits you need for the project to be successfully finished(iOs, Android, Back-End or Front-End developer), and write details about the project. BuildItWith.Me connects with developers’ GitHub and Dribble accounts so you can see their latest work and decide easier who is right for the project!

Good luck with your search!


Morana Vrdoljak

Morana is an Internet marketing specialist and online education enthusiast, currently freelancing and writing. Her biggest interests are digital, from mobile apps to virtual reality.

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