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Discord.ME Lets You Find The Best Public Discord Servers For Your Needs

By Ivan Simic, March 7, 2017

If you somehow missed the news, gaming and eSports are slowly but steadily taking the world over. Competitive gaming is a real sport, and it’s something I personally enjoy quite a bit. However, everyone who has ever tried to play with their friends tends to have the same problem: communication. A good communication program shouldn’t interfere with your gaming, and needs to provide great audio quality, something that is easier said than done, it seems.

The best way to talk online are of course, different VoIP clients, like Skype. Voice clients aren’t anything new, but the revolution in dedicated gaming communication came with Discord, a gamer oriented app that allows you to talk with your friends and teammates. Through the last two years, Discord has established itself as the premier communication app for gamers worldwide, and now there’s even more possibility to find great Discord servers with the Discord.ME browser.

If you were to play any sort of sport competitively, or even at a slightly more than recreational level, you need the right gear. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a pair of sneakers or a mountain bike, the gear you use can really make quite a bit of difference when it comes to performance.

For gamers, the gear is of utmost importance. Good-quality keyboards and mice are the first thought that comes to mind, but you shouldn’t really ignore the importance of software.

Software Is As Important As Hardware

Through my years of gaming, I’ve grown to recommend a selection of good programs that you should really have on your gaming PC. These are some of the more famous ones, of course, but the point is to really keep an eye on the software that makes your PC tick, and not add anything that isn’t really doing much. The programs I use are:

  • Ccleaner for optimization
  • Avast! Antivirus, to keep my PC free from viruses and other threats
  • ASUS AI Suite, a motherboard tuning utility that allows you to monitor temperatures, CPU clocks and more,
  • Software for my gaming peripherals, such as the SteelSeries Engine and Corsair Utility Engine,
  • Nvidia GeForce Experience to monitor FPS rates and record gameplay,
  • And Discord for VoIP chat.

Of course, there’s a lot more programs that really do help, but these are the ones that come to mind first when I think about needed utilities. The last thing on my list is probably one of the more important tools every gamer needs: a great VoIP client. In my case that’s Discord, but it can be really anything from Teamspeak to Mumble.


Skype Isn’t Designed For Gaming – Discord Is

The benefits of these apps are extremely valuable when it comes to gaming. You see, you probably use Skype quite a bit when you have meetings with your coworkers who work remotely or simply need to catch up with friends and family overseas, and that’s perfectly fine – because that’s what Skype is meant to do.

The problems arise when you try to use it as your go-to app for gaming communication. Considering that Skype isn’t actually made for that, it’s certainly lacking some of the features apps like Discord have, like ultra-low latency in calls and similar features. This, of course, isn’t saying that you should abandon Skype altogether and ask your boss for a company Discord server, but it’s something worth thinking about.

A good VoIP app can mean the difference between victory and defeat in videogames.

Discord is a key player in the business, and it’s not even 3 years old. With a tagline “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak”, Discord is really aiming high – and winning big. It has probably the most features of any other VoIP app, with in-game overlays for most big titles, IP and DDoS protection, full browser support and sweet, sweet low latency calls.

One of the best comparisons I can make for Discord is that it looks and kind of feels like Slack but for gaming. It also has custom channels, mentions and a very smart interface that doesn’t slow down your PC when you’re focused on gaming. Truly, it’s an app that has everything every gamer needs.

In my personal experience, Discord has effectively dethroned every other VoIP app I’ve ever used and I see no reason to come back to TeamSpeak or Skype for gaming ever again, and I’ve even started to think how cool it would be to start using Discord as a company-wide VoIP app, and ditch Skype completely.


Source: Discord


Public Discord Servers Are Real Communities

One thing is important about Discord, and that’s the servers. You ideally want the best possible server for your needs, and they’re free for you to use when you use Discord. You can host your own, or join an existing one and talk to anyone that’s also using the server. This leaves you with a lot of opportunities, as you can join a Bulgarian CS: GO server and play with those people if you so desire, without actually having to add them on Skype.

To browse Discord servers with ease, you can simply use Discord.ME. It’s a site solely designed to bring you the best servers you can find so that you can find people who like the same things as you! There’s servers for fans of specific gaming companies (like Square Enix), or servers that talk about certain topics outside gaming if that’s your thing.

We strongly recommend that you try Discord if you aren’t using it already, and experience probably the best VoIP experience that you can today. When it comes to servers, simply find them on Discord.ME, and if you already have a server of your own, make sure to create an account on Discord.ME and put it on the list.

Discord servers can become big communities, so you should really consider making a website for your server sooner than later. You already know what domain you’ll be picking out, right?


Ivan Simic

A passionate gamer, experienced journalist, and a comedian in his free time. A lover of video games, humor and technology, always on the lookout for new trends and ideas.

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