Discover Stories Worth Telling At Storia.ME

Discover Stories Worth Telling At Storia.ME

“Life is a series of stories. Tell yours.”

This is the great message the team behind Storia.ME – a social multimedia publishing platform – is telling to the world. The platform wants to empower its members to share their creativity and thought-provoking content with their communities and audience.

Storia’s story started in 2014 when it emerged as a new content-fueled hub with the goal to engage its visitors as an alternative to a typical blog, resource center or newsroom. With headquarters in San Francisco and offices in New York, Istanbul, and Moscow, it’s built on the following four major principles: respect, diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Users are encouraged to create and share entertaining, informative, and provoking content. The best of all? Anyone can become an author on Storia – from family bloggers and artists to Storia Inc’s Managing Director who regularly posts there and creates YouTube videos for their Discover Storia channel.

A Chance to Present Engaging Content

Storia allows you to publish your content with extreme ease (tech-wise), because their mobile-first content creation and discovery tools make storytelling for individuals, publishers, and brands simple. You can create posts online easily thanks to the intuitive user interface of their web app (available both for iOS and Android) that allows you to publish stories on the go.

Their mobile-first content creation and discovery tools make storytelling for individuals, publishers, and brands simple.

There are great ways to make your posts even more engaging because you have the option of adding photos, videos, and links. Visual content can be added through the in-app photo capture option or by selecting images or videos from your mobile. You can add links by simply pasting a YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram link and hitting Enter.

Other great features include adding clickable and searchable hashtags and location tags, and customizing your profile URL which you can only do on the web app.

Building your Reputation and Brand

Becoming an author or a writer-at-large for a huge online publication is a very challenging thing to do. There’s knock-out competition and not everyone gets the chance to share their compelling stories to a wide audience that could actually be only too pleased to consume it.

Users have the ability to create story/topic collections and invite other users to view and co-author it.

Publishing content a platform like Storia is actually an opportunity to show your own authentic voice. With the option of creating different topic-focused collections, you can find your angle and stay consistent. This can help your audience understand what type of content they can expect and when they can expect it, which further builds familiarity with your readers.

While defining your niche, you can pay attention to everyone who engages with your content on the platform – who likes, comments, and shares your stories. Which leads us to the following awesome feature of the platform.

Connect, Co-author and Get Feedback

A priceless component of this content treasure house is connecting with other creators and users. You have the ability to create story/topic collections and invite other users to view and co-author it. This is fantastic since it gives you and your network of followers and friends a chance to present their takes on certain events or experiences.

Additionally, if you turn your collection into a public collaboration, you can even become the host of the “channel” where like-minded individuals can connect, subscribe and join the discussion on a topic everyone’s passionate about.

With all of these options of connecting and commenting, content creators become a part of a community which can give them valuable feedback that can help them master their craft.

Share your Content and Grow Readership

Authors at Storia have the chance to share their public posts to other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and VKontakte (for the users in Russia).
Speaking of Facebook, Storia has an impressive number of over 1.35 million followers so your stories definitely have the potential of reaching a huge audience.

Even though social media platforms can support your content and stories, building a portfolio on a platform like this can help you build a reputation of a dedicated writer.

There are so many stories being told in the digital world right now, in different ways, and to different audiences. Storia.Me, the multimedia storytelling platform is just the right place to discover how events and experiences unfold in real time in the palm of your hand. Become a part of this diverse group and experience how each of its members is creating and delivering narratives in their own unique way.

The Power of .ME for Storia.ME

Choosing .Me as a TLD perfectly aligned with Storia’s mission to invite everyone to share THEIR stories, we are incredibly happy to have them as part of .ME family! Seeing .ME in the URL instantaneously sends a message that the content is personal and yours.Plus, it does so in multiple languages – from English to Portuguese, which works out perfectly for their domain because Storia.ME has four editions available in English (USA), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia) and Turkish (Turkey).


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