STEM education core – the Summer School of Programming is 10 Years Old STEM education core – the Summer School of Programming is 10 Years Old

It has been a decade since our favourite project was born and we’re proud to say it has grown up into something bigger than we’ve ever expected! Our baby is already a 10-year-old preteen, successfully reflecting all our efforts in STEM education over all these years.

Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, in cooperation with.ME, will provide students an opportunity to show their skills, talents and widen the extent of their knowledge by attending the 10th Summer Programming School being held in Kolašin from 28th of June to 5th of July.

For choosing Kolašin as a host city for this event for the sixth time in a row we have to thank students of Kolašin, led by teacher Goran Živković from High School „Braća Selić“, who have been among the best in the state for seven years.

There will be 22 participants, divided into two groups. The first group is composed of 18 elementary school students who achieved the best results at Programming school (also organized by Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics and .ME). The second group is composed of 4 students. It’s an advanced one and participants are picked by the results they made at Knowledge Olympiad and State Championship.

Fruitful Stay for Young Programmers at the 9th Summer School of Programming

Over the years, Summer School of Programming proved to be an extraordinary chance for its participants to meet outside classrooms and share their knowledge, which gives an extra quality to the entire story. Goran Šuković, a professor at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics

The main goal of our Programming School is not to lock down students in classrooms and provide them with computers. It is more about making friendships, taking long walks and field trips into the beautiful natural places Montenegro has to offer.

In an academic manner, they will have an active vacation and will enjoy several group outings: hiking tours around Kolasin, visiting the botanical garden, visiting the National Park “Biogradska Gora”, and a one-day outing to the National Park “Durmitor”. Also, different sports and entertainment activities are planned, such as soccer and basketball games, badminton, karaoke, quiz shows, etc. I’m working hard on my smuggling skills, ‘cause this sounds too awesome to miss! 🙂

We’re very proud to say that we have previous attendees of Summer School of Programming, who are now actively participating in helping new attendees in gaining new, advanced skills in programming.

After all these years, new generations still manage to impress us beyond expectations. This year will be even better, and we’re sure they will make us proud once again. We wish they have lots of fun, make some great friendships, and gain tons of knowledge! 🙂



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